How to design a perfect landing page

How to design a perfect landing page for your website or blog

First of all, we will explain what a landing page is. A page that arrived after clicking from a link, a result in Google searches, an ad in AdWords, etc. Objectives of a landing page The primary objective of a landing page is to get the user to take a specific action when arriving at […]

new bloggers must do

5 important things new bloggers must do while blogging [Must Read]

When starting a new blog, several questions arise that many bloggers have left one-sided. This makes it difficult to make the blog stand out and receive a good number of visits. In fact, many bloggers think that blogging is a very simple task. Then they find out that it was more difficult than it seemed.

iPhone Activation Lock

iPhone Activation Lock: How to Check Activation Lock in Apple Devices

We tell you another way to check if the iPhone Activation Lock with iCloud. Last January, Apple surprisingly removed the tool that allows users to check the status of Activation Lock on the iPhone.

Event planning software that you should consider

Event planning has grown substantially over the last few years and is expected to continue as companies continue to outsource their planning to event management companies. Along with a growth in the industry, there has been a growth in technology available to those in the business. Here’s a guide to what is available. Image Credit […]

The Best SIM-Only Deals of 2017

There can be many times when a consumer is looking for a SIM-only mobile phone deal as opposed to a standard monthly contract. This is often applicable for those who are planning a holiday or in the event that one is required to travel abroad for business reasons. There are a milieu of deals available […]

What are the Differences Between the Different DBS Checks?

A DBS check is short hand for a criminal records check, what used to be called a CRB check. There are different levels of checks available – basic, standard and enhanced. In the majority of cases a basic DBS check will suffice, but some employers require a standard or even an enhanced check. Image Credit […]

5 more of the biggest IT threats facing organisations

Military Grade Malware Today’s malicious software is developed by shady enterprises intermeshed with criminals and sinister intelligence organisations in places like Israel, China and North Korea. Their malicious tools are either sold openly across the internet, or eventually leak onto it through their careless exploits and associations. Stuxnet and Wannacry are both examples of modules […]

ME: why patients and doctors are still at war

Myalgic Encephalitis (ME) sufferers were previously often described as “somatising”, that is, experiencing real, physical symptoms which had a psychological cause. This annoyed sufferers, who thought they were being told that their illness was “all in the mind”, that is, imaginary. Image Credit Many more doctors now accept that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) does exist. […]

The main factors influencing the choice of the air compressor

The first thing to think about when choosing an air compressor is the tasks to be performed. Do not start your search with the desire to get “the most powerful” or “such that it fits in the garage“.

Volunteers Sought For Blackpool’s Race For Life Pretty Muddy

Cancer Research’s famous fundraiser, the Race for Life, has been around for a few years and has becomes a staple in the fundraising calendar. Image Credit This year’s event in Blackpool is slightly unusual in the sense that the event on the Fylde coast is calling for men to sign up, too. The Race for […]