Interior Design Trends of 2017

There are trends in almost every consumer product from what we wear, what we drive and how we decorate our homes. Each year designers are creating innovative new must-have patterns, furniture ideas and style themes that we can’t wait to grab a piece of for our own home décor. Here are some of the big […]

Garage door chain off track? Here is what to do

Garage doors are usually sturdy items that will give you years of trouble-free operation; however, there may be times when your electric-operated garage door lets you down. Image Credit If your chain-driven garage door is showing its age, or has been badly installed, it may go off track, meaning it disconnects from the chain that […]

The essential accessories your van needs

If you are a van owner then there are plenty of useful add-ons you can buy to enhance the experience of using your vehicle of choice. Here are just a few of the top accessory options that you might consider snapping up today. Image Credit Sat nav While integrated navigation is increasingly common as infotainment […]

The Benefits of Reclaiming

Have you heard of salvaging? You’d be amazed at the things that people throw away, items that can be restored and used again, supplying many more years of use. Salvaging old, disused items is the ultimate in recycling and you can pick up some beautiful things for a fraction of the cost of buying a […]

The 6 best Sports for prevent heart attacks

The 6 best sports to prevent heart attacks | Magazin Zoo

The truth is that any activity that involves keeping the body in motion. It can be very useful to prevent heart attacks and improve our quality of life in general. Aerobic exercise is essential to enjoy a healthier and stronger heart. Would you like to know what the 6 best sports are to prevent heart attacks, […]

What is Minimalist Website Design?

The world of website design is never static. Think back to the early days of the World Wide Web and you’ll probably recall websites filled with clashing colours, tinny background music and those all-pervasive ‘visitor counters’. Image Credit As digital technology has progressed there have been plenty of changes to web design trends. Our increasing […]

Physical and mental well-being

7 health tips for getting physical and mental well-being

Our mental well-being has become the top priority of our lives: In our free time, away from work and away from occupations. We like to fill our time with healthy habits: Going out with friends, playing sports, socializing, participating in cultural activities etc.

Art project to bring giraffe sculptures to Worcester

West Midland’s city Worcester is to hold a major art event next summer which will see sculptures of giraffes appearing throughout its streets and parks. This event, which will include more than 25 decorated, long-necked creatures be displayed, is anticipated to be the city’s largest event of mass participation in its history so far. Image […]

Home accident in the elderly

How to prevent the home accident in the elderly? [Must Read]

Just like children, older people also have a very high risk of having an accident in their own home. Falls, bumps, burns, poisonings and other types of events are the most serious causes of the home accident. In the USA, home-based accidents are the third leading cause of death, just after homicides and traffic accidents.

Ideas to start a business

15 Ideas to Start A Business Without Capital or Investment

Today there are many ideas to start a business without capital or low investment. Therefore, today we will talk about some ideas to undertake without investing a single cent. Many of the ventures that we will see below can begin as a way to generate some extra income, becoming a very serious and profitable business.