Six Indoor Plants that will Instantly Improve your Office

Six Indoor Plants that will Instantly Improve your Office

A pleasant office environment makes going to work so much more appealing! As well as having a positive effect on mood, a good environment in the office can also increase the productivity of office staff. So there are plenty of good reasons to improve the office!

Rearranging the place and buying new office furniture like this from office chairs Gloucester based company Severn furnishing limited are great ways to make a positive change in the office. But one of the most simple and effective ways to make the office environment instantly feel more pleasant, is to add some greenery.

There are lots of plants that are ideally suited to indoor environments like offices, so you have loads to choose from – here are some of the best…

Spider Plant – You can’t mention indoor plants really without mentioning the spider plant. It’s a plant that has always been hugely popular for indoor plant lovers. It is so easy to care for and doesn’t require any special care and doesn’t need to be watered daily. It also produces smaller plants which you can then plant all over! From pots to hanging baskets, indoors these plants will thrive.

Rubber Plant – These plants are evergreen and also very easy to care for and maintain. They don’t like direct sunlight, so keep them off window ledges, but apart from that they are not particularly fussy and come in many different varieties. They can grow fairly large, and their glossy and dark leaves are really beautiful.

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Chrysalidocarpus – If you really want to make a statement then this is the plant for you. The large and beautiful leaves are long and upright, and it is a plant that has a really dramatic and elegant feel to it. Like the rubber plant it is not a fan of direct sunlight, but other than that is easy enough to care for and enjoys being sprayed with a water mist fairly often.

Snake Plant – The snake plant or Sansevieria is often referred to as mother in law’s tongue. This is due to its long and spiky leaves! They are stunning plants that are robust and happy to live pretty much anywhere indoors however and are a great addition to an office space in need of some greenery.

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Streptocarpus – These bright and beautiful plants are also called Cape Primrose, and although our climate doesn’t allow them to live outdoors in the UK they do make fantastic indoor plants here. Bright pink blooms that instantly make you feel jolly will be on display from the spring and last into autumn! Avoid over watering them, they do not need a great deal of water.

Rhipsalis – If you want something a little different, the intriguing looking Rhipsalis is a great choice. It is actually a type of trailing cactus, and it is lovely as an indoor hanging plant, with many people making some beautiful displays from it.

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