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How to sell a website

How to sell a website (Business Design)

In this opportunity, we will continue learning how to sell a website. So if you want to have your own website business, you cannot miss it.

How To Improve The Web Design With 10 Basic Strategies

Want to be a web designer? When your family and friends go home for the first time you want to make a good impression, right? You try to offer them some snack you like and have everything neat and clean. The same thing should happen with your web design.

How to design a perfect landing page

How to design a perfect landing page for your website or blog

First of all, we will explain what a landing page is. A page that arrived after clicking from a link, a result in Google searches, an ad in AdWords, etc. Objectives of a landing page The primary objective of a landing page is to get the user to take a specific action when arriving at […]

new bloggers must do

5 important things new bloggers must do while blogging [Must Read]

When starting a new blog, several questions arise that many bloggers have left one-sided. This makes it difficult to make the blog stand out and receive a good number of visits. In fact, many bloggers think that blogging is a very simple task. Then they find out that it was more difficult than it seemed.

Web programming language

Deference between web programming language PHP, Python and Ruby 

Web programming language code on a monitor. When we start a new project, we must know what language or languages are most appropriate. Developers tend to opt for a language of preference. Usually, the one we dominate most, but we must be aware that is not always the best.