To be healthy, both physically and mentally, being able to exercise is really important. Exercise is something that as well as having physical benefits like lowering blood pressure and contributing to a healthy heart, also releases chemicals in the brain to help keep that healthy and happy too.

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But if you suffer from a physical disability, exercise can feel like something that is not possible for you. Whether you struggle with mobility, vision impairment or deafness, these can all lower your confidence when it comes to exercise. However, these are not things that prevent you from being able to enjoy exercising.

Exercise comes in many forms, and there are numerous charities and mobility aids such as these available that can help and support you to get into exercising and give you more confidence when it comes to trying out exercise and doing new things. Many people have the preconceived idea that they have to join a gym in order to be able to exercise, but this is simply not true.

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In your local area, you can enjoy exercising – if you can walk with some assistance, a short stroll around your local area is a great way to exercise and to get out and about. Even inside your home there are many ways that you can exercise, especially now with modern technology that can bring specialised exercise classes into the home. Have a look for classes that are especially for people who have disabilities like your own.

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