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US President Trump

US President Trump at summit meeting with Islamic states

From Riyadh. US President Trump has kept his highly-anticipated speech on Islam. “Our goal is a union of nations that share the goal of eradicating extremism,” said Trump in Saudi Arabia. And addressed the leaders of Islamic states: “Throw the terrorists out!“

Hassan Ruhani

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani Wins second Term

From Tehran. More than 40 million people in Iran have voted – after counting more than 99 percent of the votes, the 68-year-old was 57 percent ahead. Hassan Ruhani can thus take a second term of office.

100 Days of Donald Trump

Donald Trump in the White House: 100 Days of Chaos and Learning

Donald Trump is presented today for examination, an informal, symbolic, possibly unfair examination. The media exercise court to analyze the first 100 days of a US president friend of uncertainty.