US President Trump at summit meeting with Islamic states

US President Trump at summit meeting with Islamic states

From Riyadh. US President Trump has kept his highly-anticipated speech on Islam. “Our goal is a union of nations that share the goal of eradicating extremism,” said Trump in Saudi Arabia. And addressed the leaders of Islamic states: “Throw the terrorists out!

US President Trump At Saudi Arabia

US President Trump
US President Trump at Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump has met on Sunday in the Saudi capital Riyadh to a summit meeting with leaders of Islamic states. In the afternoon, Trump held his keynote speech on Islam. “I am honored to have been received by such generous hosts,” Trump thanked King Salman. “Your father would be very proud to revive the cooperation with the United States.” To the participants of the summit, Trump expressed “warm greetings” to the American people, bringing a message full of “hope and love”.

In the run-up to the US election, Trump had strongly criticized Islam and wanted to get an entry ban for Muslims from six nations.

In Riyadh, US President Trump now called the Islamic states to a strong fight against terrorism. “This is a battle between good and evil,” he said. “Our goal is a coalition of nations that share the goal of eradicating extremism.”

“We pray that we will remember this special meeting here as the beginning of peace in the Islamic world.” To fight terrorism is the declared goal of the American government – attacks like in Boston or San Bernadino would have to be prevented.

“Throw the terrorists out!”

The states of the Middle East, however, could not wait for the US to “smash the enemy“. The evil can only be overcome if the “forces of good are united and strong“, and if everyone in this space is a fair part and contributes its part to the burden.”

US President Trump

The number of terrorists will continue to increase, said Trump. It was not a battle between different religions or civilizations. “This is a battle between barbarian criminals who want to eradicate human life and decent people of all religions who want to protect it.” Terrorism should not be tolerated or accepted.

America stands ready for the fight against terrorism

He advised the Islamic countries, “Throw out the terrorists, throw them out of your houses of prayer, throw them out of your congregations, throw them out of your lands!

The summit with “wonderful friends and allies” marked Trump as historic: “This is a very exciting time.” At the meetings with the Saudi Arabian King Salman, billions of investments were decided, by which “hundreds, thousands of jobs in the USA and in Saudi Arabia are to arise.

Iran and Syria were not invited to the meetings. Both countries do not belong to an Islamic military alliance that leads Saudi Arabia in the fight against terror.

King Salman wants “real partnership” with the USA

According to Saudi Arabia, representatives of more than 50 Islamic countries are taking part in the summit. The King of Saudi Arabia also described Trump as a friend in his welcome speech. “We thank him for his hopes in collaboration with the Muslim world and for his visit,” said King Salman.

He emphasized that US President Trump had chosen Saudi Arabia for his first trip abroad. They wanted a “real partnership” with the USA. “We have to stand together to fight the forces of evil,” said Salman. Islam had always been a religion of peace. “One of the greatest Islamic goals is to protect life. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.”

In Conclusion,

The Kingdom is considered the most influential center of the Islamic world. Every year, millions of Muslims visit the sacred sites of Mecca and Medina. Although the Saudi Arabian government emphasizes the friendly aspect of Trumps’ visit, critics clearly focus on strategic interests.

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