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How to use VirtualBox on windows PC

With VirtualBox, you can install various operating systems in a virtual environment. To do this, you do not need to reinstall the underlying OS. VirtualBox executes the computer emulator and runs under your main OS. In this case, the entire virtual system is stored in one file – a virtual hard disk that emulates the […]

How to stabilize GoPro

How to stabilize GoPro videos or action cams in general with the Gimbal

The GoPro is by my side on every journey. I can not leave without. Now it’s almost two years that accompanies me on all journeys recording gigs and gigs of data. Data that unfortunately, before buying the stabilizer had a video quality not excellent, they were too rough.

first charge lithium ion battery

How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time?

Opening a new mobile phone is an exciting experience that often comes up against a common question: How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time? We explain it to you.

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

How to decorate closet for bedrooms and youth rooms

Keeping the closet organized is a really difficult task for a young person. Since they are children until they become young adults. Maintaining order in this space is a challenge. But we have the perfect formula for them to achieve it. A modern generation requires modern measures and modern closets. In this article, we are […]

How to hack WiFi password

How to hack WiFi password with PC and Android apps

Friends who contact me and ask me how to hack WiFi passwords are becoming more numerous. Some are simply fascinated by the topic and ask me if “pierce” a Wi-Fi network. It is as easy as some movies and TV series would have us believe. Others seek advice on how to adequately protect their wireless network from attacks.

teenage birthday party

How to Organize Teenage Birthday Party at Home?

Do you want to prepare a party for your son, brother, or a teenage family member or close? But do not you know how to do it or where to start? The reality is that teenage birthday party organize can be a complicated and even detestable task. Let’s know the teenage party ideas at home. 

How to sell a website

How to sell a website (Business Design)

In this opportunity, we will continue learning how to sell a website. So if you want to have your own website business, you cannot miss it.

How to eat lobster

How to eat lobster without losing the charm

Many people ask me about How to eat lobster? Today I bring all the answers about it. Lobster is a culinary delight anywhere in the world, but also one of the most difficult dishes to eat. If you are one of those who can enjoy it without getting your hands, clothes and face dirty, then […]

dress according to body shape

How to choose dress according to body shape or type?

How to dress according to the shape of the body to balance, disguise or highlight those areas that most attract attention in your figure. Here are some practical tips on proper clothing at all times so that your body is balanced.

How to prepare kombucha tea

How to prepare kombucha tea at home easily and Get Benefit

Kombucha tea is a natural drink. It created from the fermentation of a microorganism colony. If you love green tea or other traditional tea, read our recipe for making tea at home. Let’s read and prepare kombucha tea at home.