How to decorate closet for bedrooms and youth rooms

How to decorate closet for bedrooms and youth rooms

Keeping the closet organized is a really difficult task for a young person. Since they are children until they become young adults. Maintaining order in this space is a challenge. But we have the perfect formula for them to achieve it. A modern generation requires modern measures and modern closets. In this article, we are going to discuss how to decorate closet for bedrooms. 

And for modern closets, we refer specifically to decoration. If you are able to create in the closet, space where there are several key elements that are to your liking. Indirectly you can promote order, not only through images. They themselves will take care of the space; There is something that matters to them. Keep reading and learn what you should do! Keep reading: The 6 advantages of Karndean Art Select Luxury Vinyl Tiles

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

The big mistake that all parents make when setting up a new closet in their children’s room is: expect them to organize it in the same methodical way that their parents would. Unfortunately; 95% of the time it will not happen.

Why? Because children and young people have more important things to do. At least that specific task is too trivial. A closet is for storing uniforms. They do not come with an instruction manual that says how to keep it.

Again, some young people to organize it. At least try to maintain an order as to where the pants go and where the shirts go. But in most cases, everything ends up being extreme chaos.

The way to prevent this from happening is to add something of sentimental value to the closet. Hence, modern closets require a decoration motif and one that complements the rest of the room.

Take into consideration the colors

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

When you decorate using a color palette to indicate spaces that must be closed and that can be opened. Indirectly they are educating. So that, young people maintain those spaces in the way they should be.

When decorating the closet, take into account the doors and drawers and assign them a color. Be it green, blue, pink; any color that is a signature for the young person. It stands out in the rest of the room.

If the door is not closed; then the rest of the room will lose harmony. The doors and drawers have stickers that make puzzles and. Only when they are properly closed can you see the figure, then indirectly you will make the young man organize.

This concept for the exterior doors can be easily applied to the interior drawers inside the closet. If there are elements hanging and obstructing the figures, then you can not appreciate the image well.

Uses external decorative element

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

Young people always have a favorite toy or they want a lot. A stuffed animal, an airplane, a doll; etc. If you incorporate these pieces into the interior of the closet, you will not only be showing how practical space can be. You will help him to manage the shelves better.

A sentimentally important decorative element. It is what makes a normal closet become one of the many modern closets whose photos on the internet. But if you pay attention to the photographs. You will notice that the modern look is given by these adornments and nothing else.

Try using modern open-style closets

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

Open-style closets are definitely a daring choice and, which can be very successful. It can turn into a total disaster.

However, to have the ease of choosing faster than to be placed, that the clothes are constantly ventilated. Believe it or not, the colors of the entire wardrobe can be appreciated. They make a simple empty space become a totally modern corner.

If the boys’ clothes have that modern look, what did you expect to happen? It is obvious that the closet will look like this automatically with just displaying the garments on the side of the profile.

Now, the open closets have a great advantage that can be exploited to the maximum to achieve this modernization of the bedroom. This type of cabinets gives us the possibility of incorporating minimalist lights in a way. The closets with doors do not allow it.

Promotes organization in the smallest

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

The decoration can become a fun game, but at the same time in an educational game. The closet drawers we already said are excellent for placing large stickers or drawings of your favorite characters.

However, they are also a great option to place visual aids for the little ones. It helps that allow you to associate what goes in that drawer.

Simple icons such as socks, underwear, a bed. All these visual aids will help you identify what you will get there if you open that drawer. But the best of all; when you wash your clothes you will not have to organize it yourself.

Thanks to the visual aids, the child will know in which drawer to put things. It may take some time to fold them in an organized manner. The most important thing is that you will be able to identify where each type of garment goes.

Give them the task of disorganizing difficult

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

It is better to have modern closets with many dead spaces at home, to have modern minimalist closets that lack enough shelves.

For this reason, it is often advisable to build your own closet or convert an available space into a walk-in closet. Everything is for not falling into the ordeal of not having enough spaces.

A great idea is to use the upper space that is above the door. Especially when dealing with high ceilings; this space can be a great help to build a closet.

The rooms of the youngest tend to be very small while they are adding more things. For that reason, taking advantage of these “dead” spaces so that they do not have the typical excuse of “is that I do not have where to hang it” is one of the best techniques to which you can resort.

On the other hand, a staircase inside the room can be a very attractive decorative element. Without mentioning that it is original in itself. The important thing is to use an efficient rail system. So you must add to the list of things to do. The fact of checking from time to time if the staircase sounds when you run from one place to another.

Hanging hooks and drawers

How to decorate closet for bedrooms

Today’s modern closets do not only have a space for hanging clothes and many drawers for storing underwear. It is necessary that there is diversity, visual and practical dynamism.

When decorating a closet or designing one; think that more is better. The glass shelves are excellent for placing purses, ornamental pieces or collectibles, and makeup. Fully enclosed drawers are excellent for placing underwear and clothing that is usually used for special occasions such as swimsuits. However, there should also be transparent drawers. These plastic organizer boxes are perfect to fit in a closet space.

Their appearance is modern, they are resistant and, best of all; They are very spacious. So young people love to keep all kinds of things. Not to mention that being transparent. They facilitate things when looking for something specific.

Also, try to avoid resorting to less aesthetic options such as Aero closets for shoes. Build enough small shelves so you can store all your shoes. Make sure that the most upward space is no thicker than two boxes of shoes.

With these provisions, you will avoid having clothes organized in the room and the closet to become a chaotic place. Even if the young man has a lot of clothes; When the spaces are well defined, the good order can be maintained. You might also like:

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