Problems Often Faced By Married Couples

Problems Often Faced By Married Couples

No relationship is without its challenges. Couples can find marriage problems stressful. There are many ways to handle them.

These are the most common reasons for marital stress and problems.

Money Problems

Couples often have problems with money.

Marriages can have money problems due to:

  • Disagreements over financial decisions (i.e. Investments, household expenses, etc. ).
  • Money and different beliefs
  • Discussing finances with your partner prior to marriage
  • A spouse with a higher income

Couples who are fighting over money usually have something else going on, like power struggles, or different values and needs.

When one partner is under extreme financial stress, they may be less patient and irritable. Sometimes they may fight without even realising it.

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Childcare Issues

Marriage can be strained by the challenges of having children.

  • Couples are spending less time together and have less energy
  • Parents have less time to relax and take care of themselves
  • Financial strain can be caused by supporting a child
  • A parent who feels they do “the work” better than their spouse could develop resentment
  • Lack of encouragement and support from family members

Daily Stress

Stress can cause marriage problems.

These stressors in a marriage can have a “spillover effect”, especially if someone comes home from a long day and reflects their frustration or anger onto their partner. For help with Couples Counselling Cheltenham, visit

When one partner has a bad day, they may not be able to devote the energy necessary to nurture their relationship. It is even worse when both partners have a bad day.

Couples can lose their patience and energy when they are under stress. This is true of both financial stress and everyday stress.

You are also stressed because they complain. Do they withdraw emotionally and physically from you or do they come home to complain about their problems?

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Busy schedules

Marriage problems can be caused by overly busy schedules for many reasons.

  • Couples who have busy schedules tend to be more stressed. This is especially true when they do not take care of themselves, such as getting enough sleep or eating healthy.
  • Couples that are busy can feel disconnected because they have less time to spend together.
  • Couples may not be able to work together and find themselves at odds over which of their social or household duties they are responsible for.

Marriage problems are not always caused by busy schedules. They can, however, be a serious problem.

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