How to write a love letter

Although it may seem like an old-fashioned practice to many, writing love letters is a gesture that we should not leave behind. We should not only vindicate love letters to fall in love and convey feelings because it is a romantic and beautiful act, but also because it is also very beneficial for the writer himself to open up his feelings and express his fears and desires in such a poetic way.

Are you feeling romantic and want to write a love letter? Don’t know where to start to achieve a beautiful, honest and original letter that doesn’t fall into ridicule? In this article, we explain how to write a love letter to fall in love and to open your heart with a step-by-step guide tutorial. Take note!

How to write a love letter?

How to write a love letter

Don’t know how to write a love letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want to write a love letter to fall in love but you don’t know where to start? Do not worry! The first step is to make a rough draft, so you only have to prepare the materials you want to use.

You can use pens, feathers, paints or other elements if you are an artistic person and wonder how to make a love letter to my boyfriend original. If you want something simpler, a pencil or pen will suffice.

Remember that this draft is to cross out, test, delete and add things at your leisure because no one else will have to see it.

Find the right place and time

Whether you are wondering how to write a love letter to your husband or wife, or if you want to write a love letter for the first time, it is important that you do it well in advance and in a quiet place without people who can interrupt you.

You can help yourself by creating a romantic atmosphere, playing inspiring music in the background and starting thinking about exactly what you want that person to know. Do you want to thank him for something? Do you want to confess your feelings for the first time? Do you want to excite him for a gift?

One of the most important times to learn how to write a love letter has arrived. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and thinks about the first words you write in the letter. To know how to start a love letter optimally, you have to start by getting the attention of your loved one.

We propose some ideas about phrases to start a love letter that can help you:

  • You can start by mentioning what you are writing represents for you. For example: “I write these lines to you with the purest and most sincere love…” or “I feel fear and hope while I dare to write these lines to you”.
  • Let him know why you are writing to him. It may be because you need to express what you feel once and for all because you are grateful, sorry, etc.
  • Another way to start the letter would be to mention something nice that you have experienced recently. For example: “Remembering this weekend that we have spent together, I have felt inspired to write you this letter, since my feelings for you grow every day.”
  • If the person is far from you, we recommend you start the letter with a greeting and a few words towards the distance: “Hello my love, I hope you are well. I wanted to tell you that I miss you so much and the loneliness I feel for being away from you is killing; I only find relief writing you this love letter”.

Let the memories take you

Once you have overcome your fear and have started to write that love letter to fall in love that you have in hand, you must let the memories guide you. To do this, remember why you are writing the letter. Have you been with that person for many years and want to thank him for everything he has done for you? Is this the first time you are about to reveal your deepest feelings? Once you have it clear, we give you some ideas:

  • Remember an anecdote: Think of a moment that you have lived and that has marked you or that has meant something to your relationship.
  • Reminisce about the first time: If you still don’t know where to start, you can reminisce about the first time you met or the first time you knew that your feelings for him or her were true.
  • Confess your feelings: The good idea is to let go and confess how you feel when he is around and how you feel when he is not. Tell him why this time is different from the previous ones, why he has to know how you really feel.
  • Describe him/her with poetry: Talk about his eyes, his hair, his hands, what you like so much about him or her so that he can see what you notice.
  • Tell him why you like him so much: It’s a love letter, so don’t worry if you think something sounds corny or stupid. In the right context, opening your heart is a triumph, so just worry about telling him why you feel so in love with him or her.

Use metaphors and other poetic discourses

If you want to write an original, beautiful and exciting love letter for your girlfriend, you will have to resort to metaphors. To do this, let your imagination fly and add some romantic phrases that compare, for example, her love with the sunrise in the morning, her laughter with summer or her caresses with the breeze.

This way, he will see that despite the time you have been together, or what may have happened between you, you value those little things that he does or that define him above everything else.

Thank him for the past and talk about the future

When we talk about how to write a love letter, we always end up referring to the past (the first time you saw each other, the first kiss, the first time you knew it was love) and the present (what you feel for him/her, what what do you want in your relationship, etc.)

Similarly, it is important to talk about the future without fear. Tell him that you are grateful for everything he does for you, that without those details, you would not be the same person and that you will never take for granted everything he does for you, all the time he dedicates to you and all the love he puts into each one of his gestures.

Then, tell him that you cannot imagine a future in which you are not together, that your days have meaning when you can share them with him or her and that nothing would make you happier than growing up and growing old by his side.

End with a romantic and emotional paragraph

The last paragraph you write should be emotional and include a non-repetitive and original summary of how you feel about that person. You can tell her, for example, that your life has changed since he or she is by your side and that all you want is to be able to make her as happy as she makes you. You can add, on a more humorous note, that you hope you haven’t wasted too much of her time with your letter and that you want to spend enough time together to write many more love letters.

If you are wondering how to end a love letter, you should keep in mind that it will always be good to place a beautiful and inspiring phrase followed by your name. For example: “From the one who loves you more than anything”, and then your signature.

Final writing and presentation

You already know how to make an original love letter for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. However, you should keep in mind that presentation is key. To make a good impression and end up with a good taste in your mouth, keep the following tips in mind:

Choose a nice, clean paper. Throughout the writing, you should not cross out or use types, so if you cannot hide an error, we recommend you start over. If you decide to type your letter, choose an easy-to-read but romantic font, preferably one that is slightly cursive. If you have a typewriter, you can also use it for a more romantic document.
Write, at the top of the sheet, the date on which you send the letter.

Address the letter with a romantic phrase such as, “To the one I love most in my life,” followed by that person’s name. This introductory phrase can be written after the date or when you fold the letter so that it is the first thing your partner sees before discovering the text. Transcribe the rest of the draft letter, correcting possible errors. If you wish, you can perfume the letter so that it gets your fragrance and excites your partner more when they are about to open it.

Send it or deliver it personally, but always in a clean and beautiful envelope. For a more original option, roll the letter up like parchment (you can lightly burn the edges with a match if you want a more romantic look) and tie it with a soft ribbon.

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