Everything You Need to Know About Designing a New Patio

Everything You Need to Know About Designing a New Patio

If you’re considering a new patio for your garden, then you may be feeling a bit daunted. There are many options available, and knowing which to choose for what job can be confusing. Here’s our quick guide to getting you started.

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Patio or Terrace

Although the two words are often used as though they are the same thing, technically speaking a terrace would be raised above the level of the garden, while a patio will be in line with it. If you need to take a step or two up to get to it, or down from it to the garden, then it’s a terrace.

For a terrace, you might want to consider fitting a guard rail to ensure that no one can take a tumble from above. These come in many different styles, so no matter which look you are going with, there will be one to suit.


Which materials you decide to use for your patio will have a big impact on the price and how long it will last. Probably the cheapest option is poured concrete, but you may need to speak to your local council about planning permission if you are covering a large area. That is because of concerns about the surface water being drained away.

Concrete patios can be created for you by professionals. For concrete pumping Gloucestershire there are a number of reputable companies available, such as http://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-services.php.

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Other choices of material include brick, concrete or stone slabs or gravel, and these can be used in combination to create an attractive design.


Your choice of material should be in keeping with the area. If your house is made of brick, using block paving can overwhelm. Poured concrete, slabs or gravel will be a better choice. It’s also important to consider the age of your property and use sympathetic materials.

You should also consider what the patio will be used for. If you’d like to cook out there, then an integral BBQ or pizza oven may add something, if you simply want to relax, then consider comfortable furniture or building a fire pit. Ideal Home magazine has this article to give you design inspiration: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/garden/garden-ideas/patio-ideas-58772.

Keep these ideas in mind and you will soon have an outdoor space you can be proud of.

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