How to Pack for Your Move Abroad

How to Pack for Your Move Abroad

If you are moving abroad for career or family reasons, this can be an exciting time. Being well organised is vital to a successful relocation.

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Starting Out

Allow a decent time buffer, since it can be several weeks before your belongings reach their destination. Take anything you need for the first days after you arrive.

It’s best to accept the idea of living without much of your belongings for a while. If you can declutter your possessions before the move, you will pay less storage and shipping.

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What to Take

Decide if items are really going to be needed in your new life, and compare the costs of shipping versus storage. Consider whether you could sell or replace your belongings.

Be aware that some items can be pricy and difficult to replace abroad.


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If you are moving to unfurnished accommodation, you need to decide whether to bring furniture with you or purchase new or used items there.

Size may be an issue if you are downsizing: your king-sized bed and large sofa may not fit once you get there. This may be relevant if you have bought property for sale in France.

Take apart bicycles and furniture for packing flat wherever possible.

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Electronics and Appliances

Find out if your electrical goods are compatible with the local voltage output. Check if you will need transformers and plug adaptors, and back up your electronic files in case your computer gets damaged in transit.


Find out if the climate will be different in your new location and pack accordingly. Also bear in mind if it will be hard to find your size.

If there are seasonal clothes you won’t use, leave them with family for when you visit.

Employing a Removal Company

For a smooth international move, employ a professional removal company. They will deal with the entire physical process and arrange removals, insurance coverage and customs documentation.

Allow no less than two months to compare estimates, arrange firm visits and prepare the way for your move.

Check shipping rules on dangerous and hazardous items and find out about customs fees.

With careful preparation, you will have your items back before you have even missed them.

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