4 tips to make a dark room brighter

4 tips to make a dark room brighter

If you have a home with limited amounts of light, you might be thinking about major renovations. After all, a lack of light is not just about aesthetics; it can also affect your mood.

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Carrying out renovations can be a costly affair, so instead of breaking down walls and expanding the windows, why not invest in a little interior design to brighten up a gloomy room?

Put in some mirrors

We all know that mirrors can make a space feel larger, but did you know that they can also brighten up a dark room? If you place a mirror opposite a window, you’ll be able to reflect more natural light into the space. It’s almost like adding another window entirely. It doesn’t just have to be hanging mirrors; you can utilise mirrored tables to achieve a similar affect.

Use white

According to https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/how-to-brighten-up-a-dark-room), the most effective way to distribute light around a room is by using a lot of white because it doesn’t absorb colours. Instead, it reflects light away from it, sending it bouncing onto other surfaces. Make sure that you paint the walls and ceilings white and choose a flooring that is light-coloured. This can be anything from white tiling to white carpet. If you opt for white carpet, you will want to make sure it’s kept as clean as possible by professionals such as Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company http://gnccontractservices.com/.

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If you want to go a step further, you can also decorate the room with white items such as curtains, bedding and picture frames.

Choose the right lighting

Just one overhead light won’t be enough to bring some luminosity into a darkened room. It is important to have other lighting sources to add some brightness. This might mean placing a sconce on each of the walls to direct light either upwards or downwards, or a lamp on either side of the bed or one on the dressing table. You should also use a floor lamp or table lamp when possible.

Add in some black

While it might sound odd, adding bits of black can help the light areas around them stand out even more. Tall floor lamps and black picture work well in conjunction with patterned textiles to play with the light in a room.

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