How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time?

How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time?

Opening a new mobile phone is an exciting experience that often comes up against a common question: How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time? We explain it to you.

There are so many tips around the first load that we have all heard many theories. But how should you really charge the battery of a new mobile? Keep reading: How to make your android phone charge faster | 6 Amazing Tips

That if you have to let it discharge completely the first time, that if you have to be careful to make a first full charge, do not load it after midnight because maybe your phone becomes a bad Gremlin … There are many tips around to this topic that we have heard the best time for resume preparation and job hunting. Even more than one hand to the head because you did not respect that first full charge.

first charge lithium ion battery

As much as a thousand things are said, the truth is that the first load is not more important than the rest of the ones you use with your smartphone. So this would be the first tip: connect your phone to the charger whenever you need it. Then I will devote a few tips to this point, but first, let’s solve the key question.

How to first charge lithium ion battery?

The first is that you do not have to be obsessive: the modern batteries that equip all smartphones are designed to withstand a broad cycle of charges. This affects each and every one: from the first to the last one you make before selling your smartphone or leaving it in a drawer.

The first load is not different from the rest: you do not have to do anything special

first charge lithium ion battery

That first charge of the new mobile has a lot of rituals and some awareness of danger. There are not a few times that I have secured contradictory data: since you have to let it run out to charge the phone until you have to recharge it to the maximum, and not touch the smartphone, nothing else unpacks.

The battery is not everything: everything that affects the charging of your Android

The batteries degrade, this is scientifically proven. It is best not to let them be downloaded below 20%; hence, whenever you open a new mobile phone, it is usually above that number (between 40 and 60%, the optimum state for the conservation of lithium batteries). Bearing this in mind, let’s see what is real and what is not of that controversial first charge.

What do you have to do when charging your mobile for the first time and what not

first charge lithium ion battery

What you do not have to do is obsess overcharges. Plug in your mobile phone when you need it. Beyond here…

Do not let the mobile phone completely discharge the first time. In fact, if you want your battery to last in the best possible state. It is best to prevent it from being discharged below 20%.

No first full charge is necessary. Lithium batteries have no memory effect and will not settle the system so you know what is the minimum and maximum. Each phone and battery is calibrated at the factory.

There’s no need to charge the phone for hours the first time. The mobiles have a charge manager that allows them to supply the necessary energy to the battery when needed, so when it reaches 100% the load will stop. So, no matter how many hours you are carrying, the truth is that you will not get anything.

Forget the advice related to the first charges: they are related to the previous batteries, not the modern lithium-ion ones. In addition, smartphones and chargers have intelligent charge management that adjusts to optimize battery life to the maximum.

How to make the battery last as long as possible

first charge lithium ion battery

All batteries will degrade over time, that’s something we should consider. The continued use, it’s loading, and unloading diminishes its capacity. Also certain concrete uses. Do not obsess, I emphasize, but pay attention to how we recharge.

  • Make sure the phone does not get too hot while charging and while you use it. Heat is the worst enemy of the battery.
  • It’s okay for you to leave your cell phone charging at night, but do not make it a habit: it could be degrading.
  • Short and frequent loads are better than full loads: try not to lower the battery by 20%.
  • Never store a cell phone with the battery empty, nor fill it. Try to keep between 40 and 60%.
  • Disconnecting the mobile with 80% charge is a good idea to extend the life of the battery.

Although the best thing is that you do not download the mobile completely. Every 2 or 3 months you can do a calibration load. Let it be completely downloaded and then charge it 100%. With all these tips on how to first charge lithium ion battery the battery of your new mobile will stay in shape for much longer. Know more about google maps:

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