How to make your android phone charge faster

Each and every person have a question: how to make your android phone charge faster? In times where everything goes through the cell phone. Having a computer with a full battery in a short time is more than useful. 

How to make your android phone charge faster?

How to make your android phone charge faster
How to make your android phone charge faster

Many of the latest models come with super-fast chargers that offer, on average, about 5 hours of battery life with 15 minutes of charge. And even the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 is already designed to offer that duration with only 5 minutes of charging.

But in the older equipment, this does not happen. So, it is essential to take into account some tricks to optimize the loading process.

Six tips about how to make your android phone charge faster:

We have a list of 6 incredible tips about how to make your android phone charge faster. Follow all steps while you charging your phone. Let’s discuss it.

Turn on Airplane mode

How to make your android phone charge faster
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When you put the phone in airplane mode, the data and wi-fi are disabled. In that way, less battery is consumed. It’s a good trick to charge your cell phone faster. However, the difference is not so great. It is possible that the process is accelerated by 10 or 15%. And the disadvantage or advantage, depending on how you look at it, is that you are disconnected from the world for a while.

Keep it off

How to make your android phone charge faster
Turning it off is one of the simplest solutions. Because that way you consume less battery and therefore the load is faster. This option is very similar to putting the smartphone in airplane mode.

In case you do not want to be offline during the duration of the load. Then at least you can close those applications that generate high consumption. You have to enter Configuration / Battery and there you will prednisone online overnight identify which are the ones that require more energy.

Avoid the USB port

How to make your android phone charge faster



Charging is slower when the cell phone is connected via USB to the computer. Therefore, if there is an option, it is always better to use the plug of the charger that goes directly to the socket.
In case there is no other alternative but to use the USB cable. Then you must avoid that the phone is doing synchronization tasks because it will slow down the process even more.

Remove the case

How to make your android phone charge faster

When the smartphone is charged it is usual for the temperature to rise. When it happens, the battery charge takes more time. Is that some models have control systems that automatically lower the loading speed to avoid extreme overheating.

Removing the cover helps to not increase the temperature so much. That is why it is suggested to make the load without the cover to optimize the process.

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Use Quality Charger

Certain models come with chargers that allow super-fast recharges. Some promise up to 5 hours of autonomy with five minutes. It is an ideal solution but not suitable for all teams. While it is technically possible to use these turbochargers on any smartphone. Specialists suggest doing it in those that are factory prepared for this and are compatible with this type of chargers. Otherwise, you run the risk of overheating the battery and damaging it completely.

Use the official charger

The brands suggest using the official charger always. It not only serves to optimize the charging process but it is also recommended to extend the life of the battery.

By following our 6 incredible tips about how to make your android phone charge faster, you have a long-lasting battery. Don’t use the phone when battery percentage become under 15%.

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