We are all rightly worried about cyber security. We are constantly told on the news and at work how we need to protect our data. Russian and Chinese backed hackers are launching an increased amount of attacks. With our laptops and computers under threat from viruses, our phone is also under threat. So if you’ve just gone out to Vodafone Roscommon via King Communications and gotten a new one or updated your deal, you’d like to be sure it’s not going to be taken away from you and the phone become useless.

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First, the good news. You cannot get a virus on your Android or iPhone. That doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future, but the technology used means it can’t happen now. However, there is another issue, and this is malware.

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Malware can be downloaded onto the phone, and it generally causes issues like slow running time and lots of pop-ups suddenly appearing every five minutes. This is a sign of malware, and it’s more annoying than anything else. They also take the form of spam messaging to friends when you haven’t sent anything, adverts you are not interested in, apps crashing for no reason, and your data being drained when you haven’t even used the phones. So there are steps to remove this. Thankfully it’s a pretty simple task to remove them, and the phone should be up and running again.

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