How to sell a website (Business Design)

How to sell a website (Business Design)

In this opportunity, we will continue learning how to sell a website. So if you want to have your own website business, you cannot miss it.

The first thing to do before setting up any business is its design. And since we want our website business to be a success, we have done so; we are working on its design with the help of the canvas model. This is the first part of our series how to sell a website with business design).

If you want to understand much better and know how we did all that, go to the first and second part. There is everything clear! If you notice there are many blank spaces. In this article, we will finish them. Let’s continue!

How to sell a website?

How to sell a website

In every business there are key points that we must take care of, among them is having the fundamental resources for success. For this reason, the design of how to sell a website is very important because it allows us to describe those resources and when starting our business we know what we need and do not overlook it! Continue reading: How to design a perfect landing page for your website or blog

Describe the Key Resources to have a successful business

The key resources are those that help meet our value proposition and offer a quality service. So we’re going to describe the resources we’ll need in our webpage business. A good website with a good portfolio is key. Hardly a client will want to buy something if he does not see our experience.

This website should allow the client to create a personal account. This way we can take control of affiliation for the recommendation discount.

Design programs that facilitate the design, this includes software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress. The more the design is made easier, the better and faster delivery will be available if we compare it with web pages designed without the use of these tools.

Audit and testing equipment to ensure the quality of the service. Knowledge beyond design (maintenance, upload from web to server …).

Software integrated into the web to calculate budget (see the relation with the client in the second part of this series).

Key activities for our website business

How to sell a website

Our main activity is to sell web pages and maintenance service. However, we need to describe some key activities so that this can be achieved.

What do I have to do to fulfill my goals and value proposition? This is what we must answer to complete this module.

  • Design a sales letter that connects with our portfolio.
  • If you do not have web design, a key activity is to design a few to add it to your portfolio.
  • Publish our services in different freelancer portals.
  • Constantly update our profiles in outsourcing marketplaces as
  • Constantly review offers on these freelancer sites.
  • Write content of value constantly for the blog of our website to get better positioning in Google.
  • Maintain contact with the client before and during the design. It is important that he sees what we are designing.
  • Audit the work done, this way we will avoid mistakes that, however small, are unpleasant to our clients.
  • Make maintenance and updates to the web. It is possible to make proposals for updates, don’t wait for the client to take the initiative.

Contact professionals such as blogger, SEO, among others to have them available in case a client requests them. We cannot contact anyone so we must do a kind of test or look for references to their work.

Key partners for our business

How to sell a website

In this series of how to set up a website, it is necessary to talk about partners. As David Polo says in his article The Canvas Business Model, the key partners are those alliances that are necessary for us to execute our business model.

In our web design company, we consider the following as key partners:

  • Freelance portals: without them, it would be more difficult to get clients.
  • Blogs that sponsor us through their articles.
  • Google is a great partner, without it, almost nobody could know us on the internet. Well, our website will be designed to please and position yourself.

The team of web designers (at first you may be just you, but over time when the demand increases you should hire more). This includes:

  • The person who will design the web as such.
  • The designer in charge of creating images, animations … that will be inserted in the web.
  • Company of servers, remember that we will offer a complete service. Also, it will help us to obtain income.
  • Other professionals such as blogger, SEO, etc.

Our clients also become partners when they recommend us (remember that they will earn a maintenance discount for each client they bring to us).

Cost structure

Every business has a cost; although it is something that we often do not like, we need to talk about it. If we know what we will have to spend, we can prepare in advance! Preventive man is worth two. The same happens with entrepreneurs in general.

So if you want to know how to sell websites, you should not skip this step. See an example of our structure.

Advertising expenses

We must include what the blog will charge us for sponsoring our business in their articles. Also, the cost of Ads campaigns must be taken into account.

Although the freelancer portals are free, you can pay some memberships to have a greater visualization and increase the possibility of winning customers.

Something that is very clear when learning how to sell a website is that our business does not need a physical location. However, we will consider “local” to our website because it brings some costs. For example:

  • Web design (this can be saved if you do it yourself).
  • Rental of server and domain.


We must pay a salary to:

A person who does maintenance on our web: you could do it yourself, but as the company grows it will be necessary to hire someone who does it.

How to sell a website

Web page designers

People in charge of designing images, animations. We do not include blogger, SEO. because it remembers that they are associations, that is, we will recommend them to them, and they will pay us a commission.

However, as our company grows, we can have our team. There we would have to pay a salary to these professionals!

What did you think of our design?

As you can see we have already completed our business design based on the canvas model to sell web pages. With this, we already have a platform to start working and start our business.

What are you waiting for? Pursue your dreams and goals, do not be afraid that you are not alone. Here in undertaking-easy, we will be supporting you, if you have any questions you can write to our mail or leave a comment. What do you think of our series on how to sell a website?

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