How to Organize Teenage Birthday Party at Home?

How to Organize Teenage Birthday Party at Home?

Do you want to prepare a party for your son, brother, or a teenage family member or close? But do not you know how to do it or where to start? The reality is that teenage birthday party organize can be a complicated and even detestable task. Let’s know the teenage party ideas at home

However, it may be that our teenage, in particular, is traditional, expressive and knowing what they can be adapted to the situation. No matter how the teenager you want to celebrate a party with. Here, I give you some tips below on teen party ideas for teenagers.

Teenage birthday party ideas at home

teenage birthday party

In the birthday party, it is important to have the wishes and opinions of the honoree. Keep in mind when organizing teenage party ideas at home, what kind of decoration you want, what kind of food and drink you want. Keeping all this in mind, establish the limits of the party and make a list to know the lines to follow and be able to negotiate the points.

Estimate budget

Set a budget for the party in total and then separate how much corresponds to each part of the party is how much you spend on food, decoration, etc.  The first thing we need to know is where the party is going to be held and what kind of party is going to be celebrated, taking into account the guests, that is if friends and family or only friends will come. Regarding this, we will know the type of food, if it is necessary to put tables and chairs, etc.

teenage birthday party

A type of party that is usually much requested is thematic parties choosing a theme or a specific time. Do not just focus on the thematic decoration; you can also take advantage so that the guests come in disguise and maximize the integration of the theme or the era. Taking advantage of the costumes you can make a contest to see who wears the wittiest costume or which one best suits the time. Among the most popular themes, we find celebrities and Hollywood, the Far East, Hawaiian party, party sixties or seventies.

Another option is to establish a color or colors for the party and that guests come with a garment of this color. The most typical is the party in black and white. You can take advantage of the type of party to make some games, contests or even dances to have a good time.

Arrange food

teenage birthday party

Food is a fundamental part of teen party ideas. You’d better choose pica instead of too elaborate dishes. Potatoes, cookies, mini croissants stuffed, toast, various sweets, cheese, olives, is usually the most typical, but you can also put other snacks that you can think of or that your child wants. If you want to put something more consistent on the table try sandwiches, hamburgers, tortillas, pizzas, etc.

Remember that at this age they like to snack, dance and have fun rather than eat. Do not forget to put aside soft drinks, juices, and water. Also, if you want to do something different but do not want to offer alcohol, you can prepare non-alcoholic cocktails such as daiquiris, pina coladas, etc.

Decorate perfectly

teenage birthday party

The decoration, it is important to create atmosphere and get the theme. But keep in mind that it should not be excessive. Balloons, streamers, plates, tablecloths, glasses, must combine in color and be part of the theme. If your party is thematic put decorative elements typical of that theme. For example, if it’s a western party, you can put “SEARCH” posters on the walls. To save on decoration, you can choose two or three colors and buy the elements in these colors and combine it. The decoration is spoiled, and you may not be able to save it for another event. So, remember that it is better not to spend too much on it.

Hire DJ

teenage birthday party

Music is a must at a party for teenagers. Keep in mind what kind of music your child likes and it should also be music with which you can dance. Normally the best hits or the music of the moment in the lists of radios do not usually fail. If you also have the budget for it, you could hire a DJ.


The cake is also a key element of teen party ideas, no matter what is celebrated, if a party is held there is something to celebrate. So, there is nothing better than celebrating the good news with a cake. You can buy it or make it at home if you are a little hand. But do not forget to put a message, although the normal thing is that it appears a great “congratulations.”

Tips for organizing a party for teenagers

Buy cutlery, glasses, plates, napkins, etc. from plastic or paper will be the best to be able to clean and collect easier and faster, also avoid the damage that can cause the breakage of glass or porcelain.

Remember that a teen party should always be under supervision so if you are not going to be present leave, someone, you trust who can keep an eye on you but does not get into the party blatantly or act inappropriately.

Teenage birthday party games

Finding teenage birthday party games that are appropriate for your age with a balance. Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can present appropriate games for your age to the group of the party that everyone will enjoy. Without games teenage birthday party will not be fun. In this section, we present 2 teen games that make birthday party enjoyable.

Treasure searches

While a treasure hunt might seem like a better option for younger guests, change the place of the search, and your group of preteens will be surprised. Play a treasure hunt at a local mall to celebrate your pre-teen’s next birthday to combine his love for parties and fashion, beauty and the modern genre. If you are working with a large budget or with a small group, give each guest or group an amount of money defined as the USD 100. Ask them to make as many purchases as they can with that amount.

The team or guest that has more items, in the end, wins another prize. If you are working with a lower budget, make a search list of objects before the party such as napkins, receipts thrown, clothes hooks and ketchup packages.

Mystery game

Your preteen might have finished playing dress-up and play fantasy games, but they will never be too big for an evening of mystery and events. Buy or invent your own mystery story, appropriate for teenagers, with one victim, one criminal and enough additional characters for the guests. Assign a character to each guest for the game, and as the afternoon passes, the goal of the game is to try to be the first to solve the mystery.

The teenage birthday party games are better when you have a little time to plan before the party. When the invitations are sent to the guests, including a note with a bit of information about their character. Also, ask them to arrive in disguise.

Final thought,

Teenage is a very demanding public: they want to be great, but they are not, they want to have everything. But they cannot and when something they do not like there is no one to change their mind. For this reason, the key to dealing with them is to make them feel adults and young at the same time. If you want to read more articles similar to how to organize the teenage birthday party, we recommend you to enter our category of entertainment.

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