Be a Hacker With The Best Hacking Apps for your Android

Be a Hacker With The Best Hacking Apps for your Android

Hacking is not only on desktop computers. Many use their Android phone and need hacking apps that can be used to perform “testing” easily. It is why the following hacker programs are for you. Did you know that when you root your Android phone you can do a lot of really amazing experiments? You can even run some hacking apps that you really want.

Next, I have compiled special Hacking tools for Android. The best part of this is that these tools are free for download and also part of my favorite collection.

Hacking apps on your Android

The Best Hacking Apps for your Android

1. Zanti

ZANTI contains a toolkit for penetration testing that allows security administrators to assess the level of risk of a network at the touch of a button and also has a hacking tool: MITM. To get all the functionalities, you need to root your device.

2. Hackode

Hackode is an application that contains a toolbox for penetration tests. Ethical hackers, IT administrator and cybersecurity professionals can perform different tasks such as Reconnaissance, Scanning or Exploit.

3. WiFi Kill

Kill Wifi: WiFi Kill is one of the best Android applications for WiFi Hacking: it is used to disable the WiFi connection of another user from your Android mobile.

It works like this: your mobile is connected to a public wireless network, this application will make other devices on the same network think that the device is a router. So WifiKill can “cut” the connections of these other devices.

4. Androrat

It is a remote administration tool for Android. Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side and in Java / Swing for the server side. With this tool, we can get contacts, call records, messages, GPS tracking, take pictures from the camera, etc. It’s similar to the DroidJack we’ve seen before.

5. ARP Guard

Every hacker must cover their backs and this app is perfect for that purpose. This application is designed for anyone who takes the security of personal data seriously and does not intend to tolerate “spies”.

3 steps to be a hacker

The Best Hacking Apps for your Android

Here are some tips to learn to hack with hacking apps. Many choose to be self-taught and learn based on trial and error.

1. Forget about Windows

If you want to learn to hack, you should get used to using other interfaces and operating systems than Windows. At first it may be confusing to leave the environment you are used to, and on the other hand, it is very intuitive for the user.

However, the main reason why hackers do not use Windows is that it is a closed-source operating system. The user does not have access to the source code and therefore can not modify as many aspects as in Linux.

The latter is an open software operating system developed by thousands of programmers around the world, which is why there are many versions. Some of the most important distributions of Linux are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE or Debian, it’s all about identifying the one that best suits you.

2. Learn to program

Some would say that this is the only step to be a hacker. You will have to learn to manage a multitude of programming languages, which will not be easy for you. If you take it as a personal challenge it can be very stimulating and as you progress you will be surprised with what you are capable of doing, but rest assured that you will not learn to hack overnight.

You can start with the most basic ones like HTML. Although it will not be very useful, you will become familiar with the programming structures while adapting to your new environment in Linux. When you have mastered it, dare with more complex ones like Python or C ++. It is a world in which you can be completely self-taught, and there are countless manuals and video tutorials on the Internet.

3. Everything is on the Internet (and on the Deep Web)

Following the hacker ethic, you should know that all the knowledge you need to learn to hack will be found on the Internet or Deep Web, and completely free of charge. Search incessantly until you find something good enough that allows you to learn.

The Best Hacking Apps for your Android

Once you have the security breach that allows you full access to the system, the hacker dilemma is presented: notify the administrator that your system is vulnerable or take advantage of that gap in your benefit. Your decision will determine in which part of the line you are or if you follow the hacker ethic. White Hat or Black Hat, you choose. As always we invite you to leave us your comment with some other hacking apps that you want to share with us.

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