Donald Trump in the White House: 100 Days of Chaos and Learning

Donald Trump in the White House: 100 Days of Chaos and Learning

Donald Trump is presented today for examination, an informal, symbolic, possibly unfair examination. The media exercise court to analyze the first 100 days of a US president friend of uncertainty.

100 days of Donald Trump

His term began in the rain a distant January 20. Donald Trump emerged from the ranks of the establishment. At the foot of the Capitol, and then swept them into an abrupt speech. Since then he has practiced balances between the populist flare that gave him power and a conservative agenda to use.

The result is some fifty laws and surface decrees, three of them blocked by justice, a half-empty administration (90% of the key positions still to be named). Rich in leaks and internal disputes, and with all draft reforms, Still, in the ink.

100 Days of Donald Trump
100 Days of Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the damn newspaper library

The US president has changed his version on key issues in the country’s economic and foreign policy. After only three months in office in the White House.
“It’s not like any of the presidencies we’ve seen since World War II,” Cary Covington.

“He has distanced himself from major American allies, when most Presidents spend their first few months cheering them. And it was played, something other presidents do not do so soon, trying to pass a law and totally failing. “He adds, referring to the health counter-reform.” One of the most surprising things is their lack of popularity. Most presidents go through a ‘honeymoon’, but he has had a 50% rejection since the day he swore in office. It’s very unusual.100 Days of Donald Trump

Trump can get the Americans who reject him

Covington believes that the only way Trump can get the Americans who reject him is to “create a large number of jobs” and stimulate the economy. “But if the first three months are an indication. I do not think I have a way to attract voters who have already decided that the president is doing a bad job.”

Too many things in a short time

Professor Richard Benedetto, an expert on presidential politics at American University, fleshes out criticism. “The president has little political experience and has tried to do too much in too little time”, he explains by e-mail.

“If I had understood the political system better, I would have realized that the US government structure was designed to function slowly and thoughtfully. It’s a principle that the media cannot even understand.”

Foreign policy

Donald Trump is “learning on the fly”. “He seems to have found a voice in foreign policy, where presidents have considerably greater autonomy, and also used the military to send messages. Their tax proposals seem more in line with tradition. “

Trump courts the establishment with its attack on Syria: the bases give back. The bombing of an air base in Syrian territory has not liked the supporters of the president among the ‘alt-right’. While congressmen of both parties assess their relevance.

Bombing in Syria

The bombing of a Syrian military base in response to a chemical attack on the civilian population has for the moment been its turning buy prednisone 10mg online point. One of those unexpected blows that twist the public like chewing gum. Within a few hours, 59 Tomahawk missiles overturned their campaign rhetoric, as opposed to interventionism.100 Days of Donald Trump

Truncated the potential friendship with Russia and won him the almost unanimous support of Republicans and Democrats. While his extremist followers turned their backs on him.
It is the intangible dimension of a man obsessed by appearances, which sometimes also count as politics.

Immigration process

Although Donald Trump has not launched any immigration reform, that the wall with Mexico remains a project and that its decrees to limit travel from seven Muslim countries have been blocked by justice, immigration to the US has declined: Both legal and illegal.

Detentions along the southern border have risen from 40,000 a month on average in 2016 to 12,193 in March, reflecting a decline in attempts to cross . Refugee admissions have fallen 80% since last fall and H1B work visa applications have declined for the first time since 2013.

A ridiculous standard?

That is why, even if they are labelled as “ridiculous standard”. These first 100 day’s count on Trump’s agenda, which this week has presented the tax reform plan. As if he wanted to get close to the bar that he put himself in the campaign, when he promised to pass these laws just take the job.

The 100-day mark was patented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The United States, plunged into the great depression and Roosevelt responded with 76 laws in 100 days. A reform, the New Deal, that would forever transform the US Government and set a canon of activity.

The ‘electoral prophet’ who predicted Donald Trump’s victory

Professor Alan J. Lichtman, whose analytical system served to determine that the tycoon would win in the 2016 elections. Now publishes a book explaining why the president will be dismissed. Since then many presidents are upset by this standard. John F. Kennedy explained that his presidential impact could not be measured in 100 days, nor in 10 years, nor even in the duration of a life, or maybe never.

Others almost fail to meet this mark. Ronald Reagan lodged a bullet in his chest when he had been in power for 69 days. The most tragic case was that of William H. Harrison, invested as president in 1841.100 Days of Donald Trump


Proud war hero, Harrison insisted on giving his investiture speech without a coat or hat, despite the cold that day in Washington. He arrived at the Capitol on his horse and gave the longest inaugural address in history: almost two hours. He became ill with pneumonia and died 31 days later.

“Donald Trump came to the government with the lowest approval rating of a president, and has continued under the first hundred days,” says Professor Benedetto. “Two things you know: a good economy is the key to re-election. He has been working on it, as shown by his recent tax proposals and the effort to moderate regulation to companies. He has plenty of time to sign up for so many. 2020 is still a long way off. “


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