Iranian President Hassan Ruhani Wins second Term

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani Wins second Term

From Tehran. More than 40 million people in Iran have voted – after counting more than 99 percent of the votes, the 68-year-old was 57 percent ahead. Hassan Ruhani can thus take a second term of office.

The Iranian president Hassan Ruhani has won the re-election with a big advantage

After counting more than 99 percent of the votes, the 68-year-old was the lead manager with 57 percent. Ruhani has received 23.5 million of 41.2 million votes, Interior Minister Abdolresa Rahmani Fasli told a press conference on Saturday.

Hassan Ruhani
Iranian President Hassan Ruhani

His strongest rival in the race with four candidates, the hardliner Ebrahim Raissi, secured 38 percent of the votes. The electoral buy prednisone canada online participation was over 70 percent.

The strong lead for the 68-year-old Ruhani could be enough to bring him an election victory at the first round and avoid a selection of points next Friday. More than 50 percent of the votes are required. In 2013, Ruhani won the presidential election with almost 51 percent of the votes. At that time the electoral participation was 73 per cent.

High choice participation

Even during the vote on Friday, a particularly high electoral participation had emerged. As a result of the great influx, the more than 63,000 polling stations had opened longer.

In the Islamic Republic was elected for the first time since the International Atomic Energy Convention 2015. Therefore, the vote was also seen as a kind of referendum on Ruhani’s moderate policy. In the course of the agreement, Iran had declared its willingness to restrict its Arthrogram – in return sanctions were reduced.

On Friday morning the head of the country, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had symbolically given the first vote. “The fate of the country is in the hands of all people,” he said with a view to the electorate and a high participation.

Hassan Ruhani and Raissi had each asked for their vote that the time after the election should run justly: Ruhani demanded that the elector had to get the support of the entire country.
Raissi pointed out that the election result had to be accepted.

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