How to tell if i have cavity wall insulation?

How to tell if i have cavity wall insulation?

If you’re wondering whether your home has cavity wall insulation, there are a few ways to tell. The first is by asking your neighbours. If they have it, then it’s likely that yours does too. You can also check your loft space for the telltale signs of cavity walls. Namely, loose fill or batts that look like loose fill or batts (not all batts are created equal). Lastly, take a look at the outside walls of your home and see if they look different than other houses in your neighborhood (for example, do they have thicker walls?).

How to tell if i have cavity wall insulation?

How to tell if i have cavity wall insulation

You can ask your neighbours. If you have a neighbour that has cavity wall insulation, ask them if they are happy with it. They may be able to give you advice about how to use it or what problems they had in the past.

Ask a builder or surveyor for help. They will be able to tell you if the house has been insulated by checking the building plans, which will show where the gaps are located between walls and floors and whether any areas have been left uninsulated for safety reasons such as electrical wiring or plumbing pipes.

If there is no information available about how much of your home needs repairing, check inside your loft space by looking around at where repairs have been done before – such as new floorboards being nailed down over insulation material cut out of an old roof joist. This would suggest that more than half of your loft space was not insulated at all!

Look at the outside walls

In order to determine whether or not you have cavity wall insulation, it is best to inspect your home’s exterior walls. If there are lumps and bumps, it may be an indication that you have cavity wall insulation installed. You will also want to look for signs of dampness or condensation on the outside of your home’s walls as these can be another indication that there is something wrong with the insulation.

Take a look at the loft

A quick way to determine if you have cavity wall insulation is by looking at your loft. If you see blown in insulation, the chances are good that this is what was installed in your home. If it looks like a pink or blue powder, that’s not likely to be cavity wall insulation.

Blown in insulation: This type typically comes from a machine and is packaged into plastic bags or casings that can be easily installed through access points such as holes drilled into the walls of your home. The process involves blowing air into these bags filled with fiberglass strands and/or rock wool (which is made from molten volcanic rocks). As these fibers expand due to heat caused by friction during installation, they fill every nook and cranny within the cavities between walls to create an effective barrier against heat transfer between outside walls and indoor rooms during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing levels outside (or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside).

The main disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t provide protection against moisture because there are no barriers preventing water from entering through cracks created during installation. Therefore, homeowners may find themselves dealing with mold growth issues after a while since their homes aren’t properly sealed off from outside elements like rainwater etcetera).

Ask your neighbours

You could also ask your neighbours whether they have cavity wall insulation. If their walls are insulated, it’s likely that yours is too.

Ask them if they like it and if they’ve had any problems with it. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the process and make sure you don’t get any surprises. You can even talk to them about how much insulation was installed in their home and ask them if they would recommend it to you.

Go on-line

To find out whether you have cavity wall insulation, it is a good idea to go on-line and research some of the companies that offer this service.

Go online and put in your postcode, so that you can see the services available in your area. Then check out the websites of a few different companies to see what their prices are like, what they offer and if there are any reviews from previous customers. You should also look for a company that offers free quotes.


So, to sum up, you can tell if you have cavity wall insulation by looking at the outside walls of your home and in the loft. You can also ask your neighbours if they know about any work that may have been done in their homes recently. If none of this is helpful and you still need confirmation from a professional, then go on-line and search for an expert who can help with any questions or concerns over whether or not your house has been fitted with cavity wall insulation already!

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