Karndean Korlok wooden floor

If you are about to start a construction or plan to carry out a remodeling in your home or office, you may have thought about installing a wooden floor, so you have come to the right place to know the main advantages of your installation Karndean Korlok wooden floor in your spaces.

At discounted flooring, our purpose is to satisfy the needs of architects, designers, builders and families in everything that contemplates floor, door, window and wood paneling solutions.

We are dedicated to the customized manufacture of wood finishing elements, as well as the supply of products and services for the installation and restoration of wood floors.

Advantages of the Karndean Korlok wooden floor at home

Advantages of the Karndean Korlok

Every day there are more homeowners who are opting to have wooden floors in their homes or apartments. The environments with wall to wall carpets are out of fashion while the wooden floors are setting the new standard in interior design.

Natural aesthetics

Karndean Korlok wooden floor

We begin our trip for the reasons to use this fantastic style of floors with a very simple but essential motif, the wooden floor provides special features to your home for being a material that reflects nature, with an endless variety of shades that if chosen Correctly according to the environment, it is capable of turning the place into a more welcoming space, giving us a warm, neutral or cold sensation depending on the design, but always with that indisputable touch of elegance.


Karndean Korlok wooden floor

The maintenance of a Karndean Korlok wooden floor is relatively simple and depends in large part on the good quality of the wood and its correct installation, if your wooden floor meets both characteristics, you can be sure that it will last for many years. It is normal to see wooden floors that are more than 100 years old and in excellent condition.


 Karndean Korlok wooden floor

With the arrival of the rains and in cold times of the year such as autumn or winter, those who are away from home all day working what they most want when arriving at a home is to be warm and welcoming, in which the whole family feel comfortable and warm, the Karndean Korlok wooden floor is ideal for these cases.

If you have had the opportunity to have lived in a home with a wooden floor, you will remember the pleasure of walking barefoot on wood, or those childhood periods in which you played without stopping on the wooden floor, if on the contrary, you have not We were lucky enough to experience such comfort, at Schwarzhaus we can assure you that it is a truly welcoming and special experience.

Total protection

Karndean Korlok wooden floor

The wood acts as a thermal insulator, protecting your home and your family from temperature changes in both cold and heat. Nor does it accumulate allergenic components such as dust mites common in carpets, in fact, they are recommended by specialists for allergic people. The Karndean Korlok wooden floors are ideal in terms of maintaining a clean environment.

A valuable floor

Karndean Korlok wooden floor

The property that has a quality wood floor and with good maintenance has a higher sales value, install Karndean Korlok wooden floors is undoubtedly money invested with intelligence and good taste.

Our Karndean Korlok wooden floors are made 100% with natural wood, with exclusive designs and tailored to each of our customers. We provide complete advice to change your floor, supporting you in the whole process and doing quality work, with results that contribute to the happiness of your family, know our line of apartments and their designs.

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