How to visit Monument Valley

How to visit Monument Valley

It is the dream destination for many travelers. An imaginative idea for sailors of yore. The United States of America is still one of the countries that most fascinate those who love to travel. These lands, for centuries unknown to the European peoples, hide immense wealth. The variety of landscapes, climates and ecosystems make the USA a unique country. It is full of parks and natural monuments, such as Monument Valley. It is a breathtaking landscape, almost “alien” for its red lands. Towering over the area are the majestic red earth monoliths, true “guardians” of the park. If we jump between Utah and Arizona, we cannot fail to visit this territory full of mystery.

How to visit Monument Valley?

How to visit Monument Valley

Gather some important information

Monument Valley is located in an area of ​​the Navajo natives, who manage the territory. The area is also famous, thanks to Hollywood’s interest in the landscape. In fact, there are many films and productions that made Monument Valley a film set. Also famous is the scene of Forrest Gump, in which the protagonist decides to stop his race. It takes place right there, on the panoramic road US163 that crosses the valley. Before heading towards the goal, we will need to gather some information. First, we need to know the time zone. Although Arizona adopts solar time, in the Navajo Valley, there is daylight saving time in the summer. The entry and visit times, therefore, refer to Navajo time.

Find a place for the night

It is also important to find good accommodation for the night. Taking a side street along Monument Valley Road, we can stay at Goulding’s Lodge. It is a delightful three-star resort nestled in the valley, fully in keeping with the atmosphere of the place. An excellent alternative is the View Hotel, overlooking the most sumptuous monoliths in the valley. If we are looking for cheap accommodation, we can turn to the nearby town of Kayenta. The place is located in Arizona and is only a few miles off the main road to Monument Valley.

Knowing timetables and costs

Let us inform ourselves in advance about costs and timetables. The National Parks Pass, in this case, is not valid for entry. The NPP is, in fact, valid only for parks under the management of the National Park Service. Standard entry to Monument Valley is $ 20.00 per person but is free for children up to 6 years old. During the summer, we will be able to visit the park from 6 to 20, for the whole week. In winter, however, the time is shortened by 5 hours, from 8 to 17. And winter is one of the most suggestive seasons, as it can snow on Monument Valley. The site can be visited independently with your own car.

Those who visit Monument Valley in the summer must necessarily take precautions. The temperatures will, in fact, be scorching, and we will have to wear suitable clothing, as well as stay hydrated at best for the duration of the tour. Let’s not forget sunscreen, caps and sunglasses. A trip to the USA requires several documents for the trip to be authorized by the authorities. In addition to the passport, we will need the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Health insurance is also advisable, although not mandatory.

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