Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is some of the most devastating news that anyone can receive. It means that their lives are going to be forever changed and, sadly, foreshortened. However, with care and treatment, the worst effects of Parkinson’s can be delayed or put on hold so that life can still be enjoyed and lived. It is why Care Jobs Gloucester way and those throughout the UK are needed to help support these individuals.

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Parkinson’s affects the brain and restricts the individual’s ability to move and do basic tasks. Driving is one of the first things to be affected and anyone diagnosed with it has to inform the DVLA and their insurance company. It’s not the end of driving as their condition has to be advanced before it becomes impossible to drive. This loss of independence can be very damaging to the mental health of the person and the carer needs to be mindful of it.

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People with Parkinson’s see a slow decline. Although there is no cure, at present, there are drugs and medications, plus lifestyle changes, that can slow the decline. Many people have lived with the condition for decades and lived full lives with the help of family and carers. However, once the condition enters into its final stages, more care will be needed. Sadly, this will entail end of life palliative care designed to make the passing of the person more dignified and comfortable.

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