Deference between web programming language PHP, Python and Ruby 

Deference between web programming language PHP, Python and Ruby 

Web programming language code on a monitor. When we start a new project, we must know what language or languages are most appropriate. Developers tend to opt for a language of preference. Usually, the one we dominate most, but we must be aware that is not always the best.

Web programming language deference

To help tell us, let’s compare web programming language PHP, Python, and Ruby. Three of the most appropriate web programming language for making server-side web projects. We commonly know as back-end development. And we do it taking into account factors such as the objectives of our projects. The ease of learning, the size of the community or the job opportunities behind each one.

Web programming language
Web programming language

We also have to be aware of our goal. Freelancers must be attentive to advise our clients properly. If we are in a company that wants to undertake a project internally. We are interested in relying on the technologies that make life easier for us. We should want to learn new things and improve our curriculum.


All three are currently general-purpose web programming language, although in the case of PHP it is initially web-oriented.

PHP is designed to produce web pages with dynamic content. Now, we can also use it in console applications. Python is a general-purpose language. It facilitates development oriented to the internet through various frameworks such as Django. Ruby is also purposefully generated and has its star framework for the web-oriented development called Ruby on Rails.

Ease of learning

All three languages are affordable if you have already had some previous experience with programming.

In PHP, the syntax is more like Javascript, Java or C, so it will be easier for people who know some of those languages. For its part, Python is simple to learn and an excellent choice if you have never written a line of code. However, due to its characteristics and particularities, Ruby is the most difficult option to learn.

Code style

Python and Ruby win the game clearly in ease of use and reading the code to PHP.

PHP has some horrible, powerful things that produce a more complex and challenging to read the code. However, they are the same structures that have languages as popular as C, so many people are already accustomed.

If there is a simple language to read is Python, which also promotes and even forces you to have good practices like indentation. Ruby is also thought to be easy to read, expressive, prednisone 5mg generic with the aim of focusing more on being human than on the machine and avoiding the usual confusion when reading the code of a program.

Web programming language

Major projects carried out

Projects and reference companies use these languages as well as tools based on them. The leader in quantity is PHP, although more sophisticated applications are usually based on other languages.

Sites such as Wikipedia are built in PHP and also the most modern tools and content managers: WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, as well as frameworks such as Symfony or Laravel.

Python is used for the development of software of all types, even with the graphical interface. Also, it is used by large companies like Google for the development of significant products of the enterprise. In the web part, Django is one of the most consulted frameworks and is behind Instagram, Mozilla, Disqus or Pinterest.

Companies such as Twitter, Github, Shopify use Ruby and Ruby on Rails for their development.

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Community size

All three languages are well documented, but also an active and numerous community are important always to find solutions to the problems that are appearing. PHP is a winner, Python closely follows and Ruby very far.

It has one of the largest developer communities, and each of its tools like WordPress has large user groups. PHP is the first language unique to the web in quantity of use and is always among the first 4 or 6.

Python specialized publications are somewhat familiar, though they do not reach the PHP level. In use, it is around the eighth-placed.

The use of Ruby is more restricted, and therefore you will find less information in the post, forums, etc. Its use is usually between position 15 and 18.


Web programming language


Web programming language

Ease of finding employment

If you are looking for a job, learn PHP. You will not be the highest paid developers, but the demands of professionals will make it much easier to find a niche in the industry.

In the pages of employment, you will find between three and four times more demand for professionals who know PHP. However, the number of PHP developers is so large that it is necessary to expand the knowledge to stand out.

If you are Ruby programmer you will not find many offers, but there is also less competition, and so you can take it as an opportunity to stand out. Python, on the other hand, is the middle between the two extremes.

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