Everything you should avoid when selling a second-hand iPhone 7

Everything you should avoid when selling a second-hand iPhone 7

Two of the best-selling mobile phones in the current second-hand market. They are the second-hand iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. And is that selling one of these smartphones? Apple is a perfect option if you are looking for a large sum of money easily and quickly.

If you are thinking of selling yours, in the post today, we show you some of the main mistakes as well as everything you should always avoid when selling a second-hand iPhone 7.

second-hand iPhone 7
second-hand iPhone 7

All you need to do when selling a second-hand iPhone

One of the factors that can make it harder to sell your iPhone 7 is the “competition.” That is other private sellers who like you are also thinking of selling their mobile.

In order, not to be at a disadvantage compared to them and to make your article more attractive. There are certain behaviors that you should not perform. Below we show you the main mistakes that many make when trying to sell their second-hand iPhone 7.

1.- Show the dirty mobile:

It is imperative that before you sell your iPhone 7 clean it well. A dirty mobile transmits distrust and little guarantee.

2.- Do not format the mobile:

Deliver a mobile full of applications, our information, photos and videos, not a good idea. The best thing before selling an iPhone 7 is to format it and leave it with its original factory settings. In this way, the prospective buyer will be mobile and will not be able to access your information.

3.- Incorrect to put its price:

A selling price too high may cause you not to end up selling, and instead, a price too low will not take away all possible profitability to your mobile. So, it’s important that you check out what price an iPhone 7 is selling on some of the major second-hand platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walla pop, etc.)

4.- Make poor quality ads:

Making a good ad is basic to speed up the sale of your iPhone 7 and at a good price. Make ads without misspellings and with quality photographs.

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5.- Do not provide different methods of payment:

You must always facilitate the maximum that the buyer can pay you. Do not limit yourself to the payment in cash, since both the bank transfer and the payment by PayPal are other outstanding payment options.

second-hand iPhone 7
second-hand iPhone 7 & 7+

6.- Do not add accessories and original box:

You must make your product attractive and include something that can convince the buyer to buy your iPhone 7. So, do not forget to add everything you have, such as the charger, Screen protector, original box.

7.- Do not accept price negotiations:

Do not close doors and listen to all the offers that the buyer makes you. A real bargain and a small discount on your price may be attractive to end up selling your iPhone. Think that if you do not sell the iPhone, over time, you will have to lower its price and will not be so attractive to people.

We finish reminding you that in online market you can sell your iPhone 7 second hand (or any other mobile) in an easy, fast and comfortable without leaving your home. They take care of picking up your cell phone wherever you indicate us, and we will pay you in 24 hours. And all with the guarantee offered by more than 20 years of their experience in the sector.

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