What is Designer Clothing?

What is Designer Clothing?

A designer label is found on a piece of clothing that is made by a recognised fashion designer. Any item that bears the logo of that designer or fashion house can be considered to be ‘designer’. Of course, through the years, original designers have died and the brand continues to be produced under licence. For example, Chanel has Karl Lagerfeld as it’s chief designer since Chanel has long since passed away. This form of licensing has been commonplace since the 1970’s.

Designer jeans also differ from normal high street jeans due to the quality of the fabric used, durability, design details and washability. Rivets, stitching and distressing methods also make designer jeans a bit more special in their appearance and add to the price label of course. For Mens Designer Jackets, visit http://www.ejmenswear.com/.

Why are designer labels important?

To display garments or items with the name of a prominent brand is thought to make the owner come across with the same wealth, success and taste as the brand. It is an association of success and quality. Labels originated in Medieval times when metalwork was hallmarked to assure it’s quality and origin. By the 18th century, pottery and ceramic makers were printed their names onto their pieces and after industrialisation, when goods became more mass produced and shipped globally, manufacturers would stamp their name on everything.

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As well as being a form of expression, clothing has also become a symbol of status. Wearing a designer label says much more about you than prednisone price simply where you shop, it shows people your income level, your style tastes and whether you are sophisticated or funky. Many argue that these more expensive items are better made and offer real luxury, lasting longer and representing a good investment in your comfort and confidence.

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Most expensive luxury brands

Oscar de la Renta is a giant in the fashion industry and has dressed some of the most famous and iconic people on the planet. Since the 1960’s, when he dressed Jackie Kennedy, he has dressed stars for red carpet awards and presidential inaugurations. He died in 2014 but his brand name lives on as the pinnacle of luxury in wedding dresses and formal evening wear.

Prada is another name that evokes images of grandeur and quality. These goods don’t come cheap and in 2007, Prada teamed up with LG to launch a range of designer mobile phones. The brand appeals to those with deep pockets and ultimate trendsetters.

Ralph Lauren is more accessible and have the Polo Sport line which is much more affordable. The label creates modern and stylish looks with a sporty theme and was founded in 1967. It is still going strong with an estimated worth of $776 million.

Fendi might be a name that you’re not so familiar with. The company has been around for ninety years but only went multinational in 2001. Their high end range features fur, ready-to-wear and fantastic range of handbags. They are quite off-the-wall and enjoy making bold statements.

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