What does the haircut say about your personality?

What does the haircut say about your personality?

Know which haircut fits you best according to your type of face and what it says about you.

The weekend I decided to cut my hair. The truth is that I did not think anything, an hour before I decided. However, rather inside me for some time asked for a change. I need a different look. Something that reflects certain faces of me that maybe now I want to highlight and focus my energy.

A haircut can become a reflection of your personality

Although a haircut is part of fashion and trends, it also carries a psychological and emotional background. Seen from the specialty of the image, each haircut gives a message and there is one for each type of face. Now, what types of haircut favor us and what image do certain cuts give us? To answer the first question, we must know a few our facial features.

To answer the first question, we must know a few our facial features.

There are three types of face:

  • For those who have the round face

It is recommended to wear it long especially on the front. It is having long layers forward to frame the face. The long bob cut is a good choice because it creates a frame around the cheek. Of course, never cut it above the chin. So, be a short bob.

  • For those who have an elongated face

It is recommended not to use the hair as long and straight ahead. The objective is to create volume on the sides of the head to cut that form of a rectangle that is formed. So, it is ideal to cut with layers on the sides and not wearing long hair.

  • For those who have the face in the form of a heart or triangular

Very broad forehead and thin chin are recommended to use the collar on the side or straight. Do not use it as long as lengthens the chin.

And what does each type of haircut reflect? Well, while there are many cuts, the best known:

  • Short Bob: This haircut like the one used by Vogue editor Anna Wintour, singer Taylor Swift or fashion designer Victoria Beckham. They give the message of seriousness, order, discipline, and elegance.
  • Long Bob: Longer than the traditional bob, this is a cut that stylizes a lot of factions and frames the face. It denotes an orderly person, with clear goals and ideas. But still, wants to maintain the freshness and joviality that gives a long mane.
  • Long in layers: This type of haircut has the characteristic of creating a lot of volume to the head. Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé use this cut a lot. But more so when they make presentations. It is a style closely linked to Latin sensuality, to fun and denotes beauty, daring, sensuality.
  • Long straight: Pocahontas style and a clear example of the local show business: Model Natalie Vertiz. It is a style that gives the message of freshness, joviality, sensuality, and patience. It is a cut that demands a lot of care because to maintain that long straight one must have it in good condition.
  • Medium layered: Like the long layered, this is a jovial and very sensual cut. It is a somewhat demure option that long in layers that may be too crazy for certain people. It is a style that shows joviality, sensuality, and simplicity.
  • Short: The classic pixie style shows a woman who loves to have very clear goals and to be leaders in her social and work circles.

Lastly, remember that although there are certain rules and tips when you cut hair. The most important thing is that they never stay with the desire. They can guess or not, but at least they did.

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