How Many Ml in a Shot Glass

How Many Ml in a Shot Glass

Surely you have ever asked yourself this question. You have followed a recipe and you did not know how many milliliters your glasses of water had. The glasses can be of very different materials, shapes and measures. Therefore, it is difficult to know how many ml in a shot glass.

We bring you the solution! We will solve all your doubts and review the different types of glasses, their uses and the quantities of each one.

How many ml in a shot glass?

how many ml in a shot glass

Now you should have a clearer idea of ​​which glass to choose according to the situation, any questions you just have to ask us.

Types of glasses Capacity in ml
Glasses of water 200-250 ml
Disposable cups 200-250 ml
Shot glasses 30-40 ml
Milk glasses 200-250 ml
Cider glasses 500 ml
Highball glasses 300 ml
Whiskey glasses 100 ml
Yogurt glasses 125 ml
Coffee glasses 60 – 200 ml
Sugar cane glasses 200 ml

The glasses of water are the most varied. Surely at home, you have more than one model of glasses. Wide, long, oval, straight … However, although they may seem very different, they all tend to have the same capacity, approximately 200 and 250 milliliters.

The main component of our body is water. Many experts recommend drinking around eight glasses of water a day. That is why the glasses we have at home usually have this capacity so that when we drink them in our daily lives, we reach the average amount of water that the experts recommend.

Disposable cups

We can find a wide variety of disposable cups. These types of glasses are perfect for a picnic, a barbecue or a party at home since after using them, they are thrown away and you do not have to clean them. Although many types of disposable cups and their material can vary from plastic to biodegradable cups, they all have the same capacity as a normal glass of water, up to about 250 milliliters.

Shot glasses

Surely you have ever had a shot of some liquor or alcoholic beverage. But do you know how many milliliters a shot glass has? The capacity of the shot glasses can range from 30 to 50 ml. If we take a tequila shot glass as a reference, it usually has about 44 milliliters. The objective of their small size is that they can be ingested in one gulp with relative ease.

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