Top Isekai Animes (Our Best Recommendation)

Top Isekai Animes (Our Best Recommendation)

If you are a fan of the Isekai anime consumers who want to approach the genre, you are in the right place. In this article, we will recommend a collection of those that are the best anime belonging to this genre. But stop the chatter and let’s see what the top isekai animes are!

But what is the Isekai? For the less studied, we are talking about a type of works that is becoming increasingly popular in which our protagonist is, for one reason or another, transported, evoked, reincarnated or trapped in a parallel universe.

This alternative world can be a world known or not known by the protagonist, such as a video game, a literary work or a past historical period, where the carried character retains or loses memories. We also talked about it in terms of the various types of souls that exist. Read now: Kengan ashura season 3

Top isekai animes

top isekai animes

The series that we will list is present on legal websites or purchased on Amazon from official retailers. We have also talked to you in the past about how to recover anime thanks to streaming platforms, specifying the most important ones such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll and more.

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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

A programmer named Ichiro Suzuki falls asleep while working on creating a video game. Upon awakening, he finds himself in a fantasy world he created for one of his RPGs as a boy named Sato Pendragon and surrounded by an army of lizardmen.

In total panic, he uses a skill he had incorporated into the game for novice players to instantly take out all nearby enemies. Thanks to this inadvertent move and exterminating the entire army of lizardmen, Sato also kills a deity. This immediately causes his level to rise dramatically from level 1 up to level 310. Not knowing how to return to his world, Sato decides to adventure in it, trying to hide his great skills.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

After his death, hikikomori Kazuma Sato is reincarnated by the goddess Aqua in a fantasy world reminiscent of MMORPG video games. Sato is allowed to take with him in the adventure he decides to undertake in the new world a series of magical objects with great potential, however, as a sign of provocation. He only asks to take the goddess herself with him. The anime follows the two’s adventures around these new lands.

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Shin’ichi is an otaku who finds a job in a company thanks to his experience and knowledge in comics and video games. When he goes to his job interview, he is kidnapped and transported to a fantasy world. Following some events, he discovers that it was the same company for which he had to perform the interview to kidnap him. They want Shin’ichi to establish relationships with the new world by presenting and proposing its products to its inhabitants to expand their market.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

The young Subaru hikikomori Natsuki is mysteriously transported into a fantasy world where bandits attack him. Emilia will save him, a half-elf, to become the next queen of Lugunica, the world they are in. Subaru discovers that Emilia is looking for a thief and decides to accompany her on this adventure as a sign of gratitude.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Hikikomori Takuma Sakamoto spends his days playing an MMORPG game called Cross Reverie. He soon became the strongest player in the game and was known as Diablo, the Demon King. One day he is summoned into the game world, as he alter ego, by the panther girl Rem and the elf Shera. The two try to make Takuma their slave, but an object in his possession bounces the spell off the girls, thus obtaining the opposite effect. The anime continues following the trio’s adventures around the world of Cross Reverie.

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Log Horizon

After the release of the eleventh expansion of the famous MMORPG Elder’s Tale, forty thousand Japanese players and many others from all over the world find themselves mysteriously catapulted into the game. Shiroe, a very shy boy and on his own, who also entered the game world, together with two friends, founded the guild called “Log Horizon” to try to improve the world in which they found themselves having to live forcibly.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

This anime, alternating comic moments with a serious subplot, reverses the modus operandi of those seen so far. In this case, it will be the demon Satan with his general Alsiel to find himself lost in our world in an attempt to escape through a magical passage from the heroine Emilia. She chases them after trying to eliminate them when they have threatened the world of Ente Isla, trying to conquer it.

The Twelve Kingdoms

Yoko Nakajima meets with her companions a strange individual who sends them inside a mysterious world. Yokai (spirits and monsters of Japanese folklore) and Hanjyuu (creatures half man and half animal) coexist where all living beings are born from particular magical trees. The narrative continues following Yoko’s adventures in search of a way to return to her world.


In Tokyo, in the Ginza district, a mysterious portal opens from which an army of soldiers and monsters emerges to conquer our world. The Japanese military forces managed to repel the army and invade the reality from which it came, sending the officer Yoji Itami, an expert on the creatures that inhabit that universe.

The Vision of Escaflowne

Hitomi Kanzaki, a girl, known for her skill in reading tarot, finds herself catapulted into the world of Gaia, which she had previously seen in one of her visions, together with the swordsman Van Fanel. The world in which they find themselves is split by a war that involves all the countries that compose it. Van and Hitomi will leave on an adventure to restore a situation of peace.

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