Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids

Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second-largest city in Spain by the number of inhabitants. It stretches along the northern Mediterranean coast and is a lively and active industrial and commercial center. It is also a city ​​full of life, animated by frequent cultural and artistic events. The city has always been considered the jewel of the Mediterranean for its enviable geographical assets. So much so that in every period of the year, it is visited by millions of tourists and also preferred by families with children. This is because Barcelona offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment and attractions. In this list, I indicate things to Do in Barcelona with Kids.

Things to do in Barcelona with kids

Barcelona also stands out for its beautiful sandy beaches, bathed by crystal clear waters.



When going to Barcelona with children, it is essential to visit the right places. And then get them to do activities that they enjoy them. Then along pedestrian avenue starts from the Ramba, where activities of all kinds are carried out during the day and at night. La Ramba has always been considered the main attraction in Barcelona. Here you can see many artists disguised in human statues and Greek goddesses. Everything you need to intrigue and distract children. Let’s enjoy the The 8 Most Romantic Sunsets

Parc d’Atraccion del Tibidabo

Another place where many activities can be carried out is the Parc d’Atraccion del Tibidabo. This represents an old-fashioned amusement park, as it is the only amusement park left in the city. But it is appreciated by children of all ages. In this,, you can carry out various activities such as taking a ride on the Ferris wheel and getting on the bumper car. In addition, you can visit the Museo del Autòmates, which exhibits robots of all shapes and sizes. Finally, you can watch the puppet show and then have picnics on the lawn.

Park of Laberint d’Horta

Among the many activities to do with children in Barcelona is to visit Laberint d’Horta Park. The main feature of this park is the hedge mazes, where intrigued children will have fun walking through it. Obviously, parents should accompany their children all the way. In addition, the park is equipped with a large playing field, a magnificent lake, and beautiful waterfalls and canals.

Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum is undoubtedly a favorite place for children. Here you can do many activities and see many interactive exhibitions dedicated to chocolate. To give an example, before entering the museum, children will have a lot of fun seeing the chocolate bar that represents the ticket stamped.

Boqueria market

At this point, you can also make a stop at the Boqueria Market. This is the most important market in Barcelona and is located in Zambia. In this place, children are attracted by the colors and the number of fresh products sold. Here freshness reigns supreme and buyers and children feel almost pampered by the hundreds of stalls selling everything.

Maritim Museum

The magnificent Maritim Museum brings the marine world to life, so much so that parents choose to do many activities with children. A must-see is the life-size reconstructions of a Spanish galleon, complete with sound and lighting effects. This large ship is located in the medieval shipyards now in disuse. In addition, walking under the Gothic arches, you can relive the maritime history of Barcelona.


The Aquarium is one of the largest underwater kingdoms in Europe. So much so that inside there are twenty-one tanks that house four hundred marine species. Moreover, one of the activities that children can certainly enjoy is to cross the Oceanair tunnel and come face to face with gray sharks. Of course, the environment is completely safe because the animals swim at a distance protected by thick glass. But particularly loved by children is Explora, a space equipped with interactive activities. The latter allows you to see the ecosystems of the Mediterranean.

Museum of Història de Catalunya

Children can also enjoy visiting the Museo d’Història de Catalunya. Thus retracing the history of Barcelona through interactive and lively exhibitions. One of the craziest activities for visitors, including children, is to dress up in medieval costumes and ride wooden horses. It was maybe taking lots of photographs that will remain among the memorable memories of Barcelona.

Parc de la Ciutadella

The Parc de la Ciutadella is located east of the old city of Barcelona and here parents can do many activities with the children. This is because there are various leisure areas. In addition, the park offers immense natural areas, shaded corners, paths, and greenhouses. In addition, you can visit the zoological park that houses flamingos and offers a service, where children can take a ride on ponies. During the visit, you can see the cascading fountain in Baroque style. Then visit the museum of geology and zoology. Two metro stations are nearby in this area.


Going to the beach is more than just diving into the sea and playing with the sand for children. This is because there are numerous beaches in Barcelona, which have large play areas equipped for leisure. Therefore, while the children play and have fun, the adults can relax and sunbathe and swim. A way for the whole family to escape the heat and spend time doing enjoyable activities.

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