How Many Harry Potter Spells Are There? Harry Potter Spells List a-z

How Many Harry Potter Spells Are There? Harry Potter Spells List a-z

In the Harry Potter universe, we have a multitude of spells for different purposes. Between things as simple as every day, even unforgivable curses. In harry potter spells list a-z, we will discuss the spells present in the canon of both books, movies and video games. However, we will not include enchantments that do not have a specific name or are little known (much less used) within the saga.

Harry Potter spells list a-z

Below, I have presented the harry potter spells list a-z:

harry potter spells

  • Open

Variation of Alohomora, the spell that usually opens locked or padlocked doors. Allows you to unlock a closed door.

  • Open Sesame

Spell that was formerly used to open doors, however, its application was a bit more violent: it dislodged them and made them fly, and then burned them.

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  • Accio

One of the most well-known summoning spells of the saga allows any object to be brought close to the hands of the person casting the spell. It is supposed to have a distance limit, but it is unknown since cases have been seen where it acts for kilometers and kilometers away.

  • Aguamenti

Generates a stream of water from the tip of the summoning sorcerer’s wand.

  • Alarte ascendare

It lifts the target into the air, but in a different way than Wingardium Leviosa , since it is used mainly for combat.

  • Alohomora

The quintessential opening charm in the series. This spell can open and unlock any lock. It has a variant: Alohomora duo , where its effect is stronger, but the extent to which it is unknown.

  • Amato animo animato animagus

An enchantment required for the animagus transformation process, which turns the user into an animal.

  • Anapneo

To help during emergencies, this spell allows the airway of a drowning person to be emptied.

  • Annihilare

Another variation of the opening enchantment, this one allows opening cells, specifically.

  • Anteoculatia

This is a hex that consists of growing horns on the target’s head.

  • Aparecium

With this Revelation Charm, all text that has been written in invisible ink on parchment can be uncovered.

  • Appearance

Known in English as ” apparate “, this spell is extremely complex and difficult, which is why it is forbidden to teach to underage magicians. It even has severe side effects if done incorrectly. Because of how dangerous it is, it is necessary to take an exam to obtain the license, and be approved by the Ministry of Magic before using it freely.

  • Appare vestigium

It is used to create a physical manifestation of moments and situations from the past.

  • Aqua burp

With this enchantment, a powerful stream of water is generated from the tip of the user’s wand. It is mostly used to put out fires or to harm certain dangerous creatures. It features the aqua burp duo variation, which increases its potency.

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  • Arrest momentum

It is used to slow down a moving target. It has the duo variation, which gives it more strength.

  • Ascended

Another variation of a spell that lifts into the air, but this time, its effect is not on a target, but on the person who casts it.

  • Atabraquium

It is used to tie the target’s hands. With this transformation spell, nearby objects transform into ropes that trap any enemy.

  • Avada kedavra

The Killing Curse. When used, a green flash comes out of the tip of the wand that kills anyone within reach. This is why it is one of the three Unforgivable Curses. There is no existing counterspell to stop her not protecting herself from it.

  • Avenseguim

This enchantment is used specifically to return feathers to their place of origin.

  • Avifors

To turn inanimate objects into birds.

  • Aviatus

He orders a creature to fly.

  • Avis

Summons a flock of birds from the tip of the wand.

  • Baubillious

With this enchantment a beam of white light is generated from the wand’s tip that can hurt the target.

  • Bauleo

A group of objects arranges itself in a trunk. It is useful for packing.

  • Bombard

With this explosive enchantment, a small explosion is generated. In its variant, Maximum Bombardment , a larger caliber explosion can be generated and a stone wall can be demolished with it.

  • Brackium emendo

With this spell, broken bones can be repaired, but if applied incorrectly, the bones on which it is used will disappear.

  • Calvorio

This is a curse that causes the victim to lose their hair and become completely bald.

  • Cantis

He forces his targets to sing, including inanimate objects.

  • Capacious extremist

Allows you to increase the internal size of an object, without altering its external size. It’s the spell Hermione uses for her purse. It is an undetectable enchantment.

  • Carpe retractum

Creates a magic rope from the wand that allows you to throw distant objects towards the summoner, or to pull the user towards the object on which the spell was used.

  • Cave inimicum

It is used in a specific area to keep enemies away.

  • Circumrota

It is used to turn objects according to the will of the user.

  • Cistem aperio

With it, closed chests and boxes are violently opened.

  • Colloshoo

It is used to glue the victim’s shoes to the ground.

  • Colovaria

Change the color of an object or living thing.

  • Confringo

It is a dangerous curse that can explode anything it hits. That is why it should be used with care.

  • Confuse

It causes confusion in a person or object that is bewitched with consciousness. It can be used to suggest to the victim to follow the instructions given. With its variation, duo, a more powerful spell is performed.

  • Freeze!

It causes any living thing to be trapped in the site due to the accumulation of ice at its feet.

  • Password

This enchantment is the one used on the Marauder’s Map to prevent anyone from reading it. It hides the contents of the object and you have to say a very specific phrase to discover it.

  • Spell for Horcruxes

It is a spell that is created for the manufacture of a horcrux, but the process is so horrifying that information on how to perform it and its effects is extremely scarce.

  • Crinus muto

It is a highly complex spell for transformation. It is used to change the color and style of a person’s hair.

  • Crucio

It is known as the Cruciatus Curse, and is the second of the three Unforgivable Curses. It is basically a curse to torture. It causes pain in the victim so agonizing that it could cause them to lose consciousness or even sanity if it lasts too long.

  • Defodium

Allows digging in dirt and rocks.

  • Deletrius

It is used to disintegrate or disappear things. In the series, in particular, it has been used to eliminate the traces of last spells used with the wand.

  • Densaugeo

It is a curse that causes an overgrowth of the victim’s teeth.

  • Depressed

The spell emits pressure that can pierce the ground and create holes.

  • Depulse

Another version of a spell that pushes things away or casts things away, this enchantment causes things (and living things) that are close to the summoner to fly away.

  • I descend

Very useful for short people, it makes objects that are stacked or at a certain height, fall towards the ground.

  • Faint

One of the most important incantations of the saga, in English it is known as ” stupefy”, and as its name implies, it faints the victim. It can also stop moving objects. It has the duo variation, which has more power.

  • Diffindo

It allows dividing, cutting or splitting certain objects. It also generates cuts in people.

  • Diminuendo

Decrease the size of the target, forcing it to shrink.

  • Dissendium

In theory, it can open secret passageways. In fact, it works with the statue of the one-eyed witch, which connects Hogwarts to Honeydukes, but it has not been proven to be an enchantment with that specific function of opening passageways.

  • Draconifors

It allows transforming statues of dragons into small dragons with autonomy.

  • Dunamis

Another variation of the alohomora , allows to open doors and cells.

  • Lasted

This Hardening Charm transforms inanimate objects into rocks.

  • Ebublio

Encloses the victim inside a huge bubble.

  • Emancipate

Serves to free a bound target.

  • Engorgio

Increase the size of an object or animal.

  • Engorgio Skullus

A specific variation of the Engorgio spell, it serves to increase the size of the victim’s head. It could be related to an illegal growth hex.

  • Entomorphis

Turn the victim into an insect.

  • Episkey

It is used to heal small wounds.

  • Epoximize

It is used to glue things together.

  • Erect

Allows you to straighten an object. It is commonly used for camping and pitching tents.

  • Strigiform

This transformation spell transforms an owl into theater binoculars.

  • Evanesco

Makes the target vanish.

  • Everte statum

It is usually used during duels to throw the victim backward, as if he were being pushed violently.

  • Expecto Patronum

This enchantment is one of the most important in the entire saga. It is highly advanced and powerful, and its role is to conjure a guardian spirit using the summoner’s positive emotions to defend it against dark creatures. In addition, it can be used to send messages between other wizards and witches. The Patronus takes the form of an animal, which identifies the magician who summons it. The shape of it can change during a time of strong emotions.

  • Expelliarmus

Another crucial enchantment in the series, used and seen multiple times throughout the books and movies. In fact, it is considered Harry Potter’s “standard bearer” spell, as he uses it so much. By striking his victim, he immediately disarms him.

  • Expulsion

This curse causes an explosion, using pressure instead of heat to create it.

  • Felifors

Turn a cat into a cauldron.

  • Felixempra

It is used during the process of preparing the Felix Felicis potion.

  • Fermaportus

This spell closes and locks a door automatically.

  • Splint

It is used to place a cast over a fracture.

  • Fianto duri

It is a protective or defensive enchantment, which helps create a protective barrier over buildings. large. It is also believed to work to reinforce protective enchantments previously used in an area.

  • Fidelio

This enchantment is extremely complex. It is used to protect confidential information within the soul of the recipient, called the Keeper of the Secret.

  • Finestra

It destroys a window glass and turns it into dust.

  • Finite

It is a counterspell that stops the effects of an enchantment.

  • Finite incantatem

It fulfills the same function as the previous counterspell, but this enchantment is general, and is used to stop the effects in a specific area.

  • Flagrate

This curse causes certain objects to burn when touched. For example, the door of the Lestrange chamber was protected with this curse.

  • Flintifors

Transform objects and small creatures into matches.

  • Flipping

It is an enemy repeller spell, which hits and knocks objects away and can even stun enemies. There are two variants, duo and maximum, each with stronger effects than the previous one.

  • Focus

It allows clearing the mind of the target, clarifying their thoughts.

  • Fracto strata

Projects a beam from the tip of the wand that breaks objects.

  • Mop

Clean objects. Known as the Grease Charm.

  • Gubraith Fire

It is a difficult enchantment that allows an object to be enchanted to ignite eternally, without being consumed. It is also known as eternal fire.

  • Evil fire

It is a curse that projects fire from the summoner’s wand, so intense that it could consume anything that comes into contact with the flames, be it things or humans. It can also be identified because flames can take the forms of different creatures. It is an extremely powerful curse and difficult to control, also counting as one of the few things that a horcrux is capable of destroying.

  • Smoke

Create a smoke screen from the wand. It has the duo variant, which is more powerful.

  • Fulgari

It is a dark enchantment that invokes ropes of light that bind the victim. Speculation is created that the ropes can injure the victim.

  • Furnunculus

It causes boils on the victims. Known as a pimples evil eye.

  • Geminio

Copy an object and multiply it as many times as the invoking magician wishes. However, these duplicate objects are not worth the same as the originals.

  • Glacius

Create blasts of ice from the tip of the wand. It can freeze the target. It has the duo variant, which is more powerful.

  • Glisseo

Turn a ladder into a smooth, slippery surface.

  • Gusarajus

It turns the victim into a worm.

  • Harmonia nectere passus

Allows you to repair the magical properties of a damaged Vanishing Wardrobe.

  • Herbifors

It grows flowers on the victim’s head.

  • Herbivicus

It allows to accelerate the growth of the flowers.

  • Histrifors

Turn a hedgehog into a pincushion.

  • Homenum revelio

It reveals to the user the presence and location of wizards and witches that are hidden in a specific place.

  • Homonculous

It allows to follow the movements of beings within a specific place, showing it on a map with the name of the person in motion. This is one of the spells that make up the Marauder’s Map.

  • Homorphus

According to Gilderoy Lockhart, this enchantment can be used to return a transformed human to its original form, for example, werewolves.

  • Illegibilus

Makes a text unreadable.

  • Immobulus

It immobilizes living beings and paralyzes devices.

  • Impediment

It prevents the movement of its victim.

  • Empire

Known as the Imperius Curse. This curse completely controls the actions and thoughts of the victim, forcing them to follow instructions without any type of limitations, neither time nor morality. For this reason, it enters among the three Unforgivable Curses.

  • Impervius

Makes an object impermeable against liquids, and repels some solid objects.

  • Incacerata

It serves to tie the victim, or prevent him from moving in a certain way.

  • Incarcerous

It is used to summon thick ropes from the tip of the wand, binding the target.

  • Incarcifors

It is a transformation spell that turns an object into a cage.

  • Fire

With this enchantment you can use an object to start a blaze of fire. It has the duo and tria variations , which are more powerful.

  • Inflatus

Inflates your victim like a balloon.

  • Informous

Add information about a magical creature to the user’s Bruti Folio .

  • Unbreakable Oath

This spell is used to seal a magical contract between two people, using two bonds of fire. During the execution of the spell, the agreements and conditions are established. If one party breaches the contract, they will die instantly.

  • Lacarnum inflamarae

Shoot a ball of flames from the tip of the wand.

  • Lapifors

Turn an object into a rabbit.

  • Legeremens

This spell allows the use of Legilimency, the art of penetrating inside the target’s mind.

  • Levicorpus

Leave the victim hanging by his ankle, face-down in the air.

  • Levious

Allows you to lift small objects. It is a variation of the levitation spell, wingardium leviosa.

  • Liberacorpus

It is a counterspell for the Levicorpus, who takes the victim off the hook.

  • Release

Another variant of a door-opening enchantment.

  • Locomotor

This enchantment makes inanimate objects mobile. The one who summons it can indicate the desired direction. Usually the object must be named next to the spell.

  • Locomotive mortis

It prevents the victim’s legs from spreading, immobilizing her.

  • Wibbly locomotive

It weakens the victim’s legs, making them shaky.

  • Lumos

Creates a spark from the tip of the wand that works as a flashlight. It has three variations: duo, maxima and solem , each one stronger than the last.

  • Extreme magicus

It gives the person who receives the enchantment the possibility to perform much more powerful and effective spells.

  • Hex killer

This is a counterspell that is used to remove or counteract the effects of a hex, removing its negative energies.

  • Melofors

Wrap a pumpkin around the victim’s head.

  • Meteolobewitch

You can modify (slightly) the weather, concentrating, for example, a rain in a specific area.

  • Meteolo bewitched

Cease the weather conditions modified by the enchantment mentioned above.

  • Mimble Wimble

It is a curse that ties the tongue of the victim to prevent him from speaking on a specific subject.

  • Mobilicorpus

It levitates and mobilizes bodies in the direction indicated by the user.

  • Molliare

It is an enchantment that creates smoothness on the surface of the target.

  • Morsmordre

He conjures up in the sky the tenebrous mark, a giant skull made of green sparks, and from whose mouth comes a serpent. This Dark Mark is used by Voldemort to identify his allies, the Death Eaters, and usually indicates that they have just carried out an assassination.

  • Mucus Projectum

He throws boogers at his target.

  • Muffliato

It generates a buzzing in the ears of the people who are around the people who are around the haunted place. Thus, private conversations are protected.

  • Multicorfors

Change the target’s draw color and style.

  • Mutatio skullus

Modify the victim’s skeleton, making it misshapen and creating lurid mutations.

  • Nebulus

It serves to create a thick fog, which is used to hide.

  • Nox

It is the “counterspell” of Lumos , since it extinguishes the wand lit with that enchantment.

  • Obliviate

Erases the memories of the victim, depending on the conditions of who executes it.

  • Dark

This spell generates a dark bandage that covers the target’s eyes.

  • Oculus repair

Repair damaged glasses. It is a variant of the repair enchantment.

  • Offero

Returns items to their previous state.

  • Oppugno

It can be used to force living beings (conspirators) or objects, to attack a target.

  • Orchideous

Summons a bouquet of flowers from the tip of the wand.

  • Orchideus

It is a curse that explodes the victim taking the form of flower petals.

  • Oscausi

This spell clears the opponent’s mouth.

  • Ossio Dispersimus

The bones of the victim’s body disappear.

  • Papyrus reparo

Repair sheets and papers.

  • Palalingua

Stick your tongue to the victim’s palate for a few moments.

  • Partis temporus

Generate a temporary opening in magical obstacles.

  • Patolifors

Turn a creature into a small duck.

  • Periculum

Shoots red sparks from the tip of the wand, which explode like fireworks.

  • Petrificus Totalus

It completely paralyzes the body of its victim. The victim can only move his eyes. It has the duo and tria variations , which increase its effects.

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  • Locomotor piertotum

Animate statues from a specific location, forcing them to follow the orders of the one who cast the spell.

  • Piscifors

Turn the target into a fish.

  • Portaberto

Ancient spell that opened doors. It left a hole where the key should go.

  • For your

Turn an object into a portkey. The use of this spell requires approval from the Ministry of Magic.

  • Prior Incantato

Also known as Priori Incantatem . It is used in wands to eject clouds that replicate the effects of the last spells performed.

  • Diabolic protego

Create a blue fire ring that can expand and change at will.

  • Protego horriblis

Defend large locations from curses and dark arts spells.

  • Protego maxima

In conjunction with other protective spells, it generates a magical barrier, which protects a fairly large area against dark enchantments.

  • Protego totalum

Create a magic barrier in a certain area.

  • Pullus

Turn the victim into a chicken or a chicken.

  • Quietus

Decreases the volume of the voice of the user. It is the counterspell of the sound enchantment.

  • Redoubt

It is a curse that destroys an object completely.

  • Relashio

It is a spell that makes one living being or object release another.

  • Rennervate

Pick someone up who is passed out. It is the counterspell of the stun enchantment.

  • Reparifarge

It is a spell to reverse transformations, whether they have gone wrong or not.

  • Repair

Repair a broken or destroyed object, leaving it as new. It has the duo variation , which acts with more power.

  • Inimicum plaster

Another protective spell that serves to isolate a specific area from curses and dark magic spells.

  • Muggletum plaster

It’s a repellent charm for Muggles. Prevent them from passing through a specific area, creating a kind of localized amnesia by laying eyes on the enchanted place.

  • Revelio

It reveals things that are hidden or invisible, or that have changed their shape through magic.

  • Reverte

Reverses spells cast on objects to return them to their original place.

  • Rictusempra

This spell is used to tickle the opponent.

  • Riddikulus

It is a special enchantment for boggarts, beings that usually take the form of a fear, to change them into something funny for the one who casts the spell.

  • Salvio hexia

Another protective spell to prevent dark enchantments from being cast in certain areas.

  • Scribblifors

It is used to turn an object into a pen.

  • Sectumsempra

It is a dangerous curse, created by Severus Snape in his years as a student. It generates deep and agonizing cuts on the victim. The only one who knows the counterspell is Snape.

  • Serpensortia

It is used to summon a snake from the tip of the wand.

  • Skurge

Dissolves the ectoplasm of ghosts and spectors.

  • Slugulus burp

The victim of this spell vomits slime and slime.

  • Snufflifors

Transform objects into mice.

  • Sonorus

Increase the volume of your voice.

  • Specialis revelio

Reveals spells previously cast on an enchanted item.

  • Spongify

It is used on objects to make them softer and more flexible.

  • Steleus

Makes the victim sneeze uncontrollably.

  • Stella cascadia

In this Meteor Shower spell, glittering stars can fall in portraits and open spaces. With the Corusco variation , much brighter stars fall.

  • Surgito

It is a counteraction that removes the effects of love enchantments.

  • Taboo

The Taboo is a curse that gives magical properties to a specific phrase. In the case of the saga, this applies to Voldemort’s name, as Harry is one of the few individuals who is not afraid of the mention of his name. With the Taboo, Voldemort was able to track Harry to his exact location and destroy all the magical wards around him.

  • Tarantallegra

Makes objects dance uncontrollably.

  • Tentaclifors

To turn the victim’s head into a tentacle.

  • Tergeo

Turn the magic wand into a vacuum cleaner.

  • Flickering

Causes debilitating tickles on the target.

  • Ventus

Create a gust of wind from the tip of the wand. It is in the shape of a spiral. It has the duo and tria variations , which add more power to the spell.

  • Verto

Turn an animal into a cup.

  • Verdillious

Shoot sparks and green smoke from the wand.

  • Verdimillious

It shoots green sparks from the wand, it can be used to attack.

  • Vermillious

Shoot red sparks from the tip of the wand. It has the duo and tria variations, which give it more strength.

  • Vipera evanesca

A magic summoned snake disappears.

  • Vulnera sanentur

It is a healing spell that serves as a counterspell for the sectusempra curse.

  • Waddiwasi

He takes an object that is obstructing the path and shoots it at a specific target.

  • Wingardium leviosa

It allows to levitate small objects or living beings. It has duo variation, which gives it more strength.

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