Latest football news: The most expensive pass in history with 18 years

Latest football news: The most expensive pass in history with 18 years

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Latest football news: As soon as he stepped on the colossus of Saint-Denis for the previous warm-up. The French public dedicated a star reception to him, with an enthusiasm like. They claim, had never awakened another promise in the whole history of football.

Latest football news: France vs Spain

Latest football news
Latest football news

It was in the friendly France 0 – Spain 2 of March 28. It was his absolute debut as a starter in the national team and the Stade de France. After 5 minutes, the goalkeeper cleared De Gea, the crowd rose in a long “Uuuuuuhhhhhh”. Every movement of his heart stirs a hope, to see him a spectacular play and then a goal. The illusion of being present at the birth of a new universal super crack.

Days before, in the visit of the Monaco to the Caen by the League 1. After to mark two goals to him and to move a little more to the Caen to the descent. The technician Leonardo Jardim replaced it and one of those spontaneous and noble reactions occurred. The public of the Football has when it is facing something different and big. The local fans cheered with a closed applause. It is not usual; Was forced to greet.

Latest football news: Kylian Mbappe

We all dream of a new phenomenon of the planetary level, be it from the club outside. And this point … It’s Kylian Mbappe, an 18-year-old Parisian born in December, from Algerian mother and a Cameroonian father. For him, we began to follow Monaco as a religion. We were fortunate to see Manchester City 5 – Monaco 3. In the first time, he carried out an action that enraptured us. Could not even be called a play. He simply received a ball in three-quarters of a court, pressed the accelerator and crossed the last line of the City as if there were no rivals in the field.

He did zuuuuummmmmm and it happened. Sagna, Otamendi, Stones could not even see the plate number. It was something different, out of the ordinary. We were left wondering: and this …? After playing a handful of minutes against CSKA Moscow and Bayer Leverkusen. Manchester was his first game as a starter. Jardim sat Falcao captain and partner Valère Germain and was played with the youngest of the squad.

Since that day, the world has not stopped talking about Mbappe. And he was left with one of the two places of attack: he does not go out anymore. The quality of chosen: know how to take advantage of the least possibility.

 Latest football news: U19 European Championship

Latest football news
Latest football news

The same was when they gave the occasion to debut in first, in December of 2015, still with 16 years. He was then taken to the U19 European Championship and also left the seal. France was the champion and Mbappe scored 5 goals, 1 to Croatia, 2 to Holland and 2 to Portugal. And it gave two years of advantage. The French fan celebrates this extraordinary appearance because with him begins to dream of a new world title.

France has fifteen or twenty top-level talents with whom it can be a favorite in Brazil. They are the very generic prednisone order young Griezmann, Rabiot, Mendy, Kante, Umibi, Sidibe, Bakayoko, Sissoko, Dembele, Kimpembe, Lemar, the more veteran Lloris, Giroud, Varane … Mbappe may be the super figure that usually needs all selection to reach glory maximum.

What is it, how does Kylian Mbappe play …? Physically, a cheetah, very fast, very agile. Technically very fit, excellent right-hand shot (we will see that there is left-handed), good game beta in speed, desire, eagerness, the huge appetite of the goal. And goal. The statistic lies with the naked eye. It says 19 goals in 32 matches; However, has been very few times titular.

In a lot of five minutes, seven, twelve. He is not a skilled Messi type because he is not “10”, but tip-toe. But we have seen him elude Kolarov as if Kolarov was unreal.

 Latest football news: Luis Suarez and Neymar

Neither is a fantasist like Neymar nor a battleship like Luis Suarez. It has a similarity in certain movements, in its verticality and in its ambition to the sensational Eusebio. The Panther of Mozambique that dazzled in Worldwide 66. Mbappe lacks the colossal musculature of Eusebio, weighs only 73 kilos. But it is not yet finished Mold your body, you can raise four or five kilos and gain power.

The environment mentioned by Blaquart. His parents – is trying to isolate him from the onslaught of sudden fame. “He is offered contract deals, club emissaries who want to sign him and hundreds of requests for interviews from dozens of countries. They do not want to drive him crazy with extra-political issues. Also, the club wants it fresh from the head for this season finale in which they can win many things, “says Juan Pablo Palacios, a Peruvian colleague living in Paris.

It depends on how the season ends, you could even get on the podium for the Golden Ball. If you win any of the three titles still fighting Monaco and continue to thrash, why not …? If I did that with 18 years, we would face a real success. It is still too early to venture if he will be a football great.

Latest football news
Latest football news

You should demonstrate in the next two to three years. But something is certain: it is about to be the most expensive signing in history. All the powerful in Europe have it in the pipeline. Monaco, they say, has already rejected an offer for 110 million euros. Dmitri Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire – ranked No. 79 for Forbes listens to 110 million and yawns.

 Final & Latest football news

They do not move him at all. Finally, he must negotiate it because the player will fight to go to a powerful of England. But you can put the price you like, just as they will buy it. Given the age of this boy, the club that takes it knows that it has for 12 or 14 years of wins and goals. And in a power like Madrid, Barça, Manchester United, a star like that is amortized in two years only selling shirts. By the way, Mbappe has a contract with Nike since the age of 13. Football is always waiting for a superstar.

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