Secrets to getting decorate your room to complete tasks quickly and efficiently

Secrets to getting decorate your room to complete tasks quickly and efficiently

We are so familiar to decorate your room, that many times changing the things that surround us seems to us one of the most difficult things. Although in reality, they are not. When it comes to us and how we sleep and rest. We sometimes go unnoticed the importance of having a large space that allows us to do our activities properly. Without feeling the pressure of having to run out of there because the disorder is about to fall upon us like a huge snowball.

If you feel that you do not have space in your room, that everything is piled up. And that the whip of disorder will soon fall on you. We present you with five ideas to decorate your room without spending much. Instead of simple, may seem the most difficult in the world.

decorate your room
decorate your room

Light lights to decorate your room

You will only need small paper cups, colored sheets, string, Christmas lights, and scissors.

Carefully trace the outline of the cups on a piece of paper to make the template. You will use as many glasses as your light series has. With double-sided tape, adhere to one end of the cup cover. Add another piece of double-sided tape at the other end and carefully wrap all the paper around the glass.

Make sure the edges match and repeat the step until all glasses are covered.

Make an X in the base of the glass and cut it with a knife. The cut should be wide enough for the wires to fit, but not so wide that the focus will come out. Repeat until all the glasses have it.

Use small hooks with double-sided tape to then place on the wall and put the vinyl record. Continue the procedure until the entire wall finishes. Remember that you can remove and put the vinyl. Besides that, if you get bored of the disks, you can remove them easily.

Cork” for your memories

With a box lid, glue, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil and embroidery thread, you can leave all your travel memories. Use the cover of the box and pencil, and draw a circle on the back of the scrapbook paper. Then place it in the cardboard circle to decorate your room. With this, you can hang your memories anywhere with pins, a little thread and whatever you want.

decorate your room
decorate your room

A headboard for the bed

All you need is a piece of cardboard, pencil, scissors and cloth. Draw on the cardboard the shape you want and then trim it with scissors. When you have it ready, wrap it with the fabric and you will have a perfect headboard for your bed.

With a circle of cardboard, colored spoons and a small mirror, you can make a beautiful accessory for your room. Just cut a circle of cardboard as wide as you want it to be your new mirror and mark the diameter of it. Then place the spoons with some glue with the curved side facing out. Finally, install the mirror and let it dry to put it in the ideal place.

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