Types of Glass for Double Glazing

Types of Glass for Double Glazing

Not all glass is the same, and nor are the benefits people seek when investing in new windows or glass doors. The reasons include security, energy-efficiency, noise insulation, appearance, low maintenance, fire resistance or safety, and for each purpose there is a glass.

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Keeping the house warm without worrying about today’s fuel bills isn’t easy. “Low E” glass, standing for “low emissivity”, has improved thermal insulation due to a transparent metallic coating that lets heat in better than it lets it out. Combined with the benefits of good-quality double or triple glazing, Low-E glass will cut those bills.

This kind of glass comes labelled with ratings of its energy-efficiency so that you can see what you’re getting. Efficiency is measured by a ”U value” and a solar hear gain co-efficient (SHGC or g-value). The measures are devised by the BFRC or British Fenestration Ratings Council.

Some products reduce heat loss by 40% compared to standard double glazing. With a frame construction that uses thermal break spacer bars, it’s possible to improve that to 65%. For advice on double glazing in Evesham, contact the Evesham Double Glazing Company.

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Traffic noise in urban areas is around 70 decibels. We get accustomed to it (or go deaf), but it still damages our health – increasing coronary heart disease and strokes. Acoustic glass is ideal for houses near busy roads or under flight paths. It’s also often chosen for glass roofs to suppress the otherwise deafening noise of rain.

Acoustic glass consists of laminated layers of different thicknesses. It can be combined into double glazing units with spacer insulations in the frame for additional improvements. Windows can be optimised for thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time.


Not all windows are easy to reach. Wouldn’t it be great if they cleaned themselves?

Self-cleaning glass has a coating that is photocatalyic and hydrophilic. This means it uses sunlight to destroy grime and prevents water drying in droplets that leave powdery marks. Rain alone washes them clean.


Glass also comes in a wide choice of patterns, textures and colours, etched, silvered or painted. Other types are designed to resist vandals, fire, bullets and explosions. And you can have any of these qualities in your double glazing units in almost any combination you require.

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