Record-Breaking Car Antics

Record-Breaking Car Antics

There are literally hundreds of world records set and attempted by cars and vehicles of all description every year. From the expected record attempts involving distance and speed to the more unusual ones involving how many cats you can fit safely in a car! Let’s look at some of the incredible and often daring record breaking attempts completed in cars:

Starting with the totally bizarre – the heaviest vehicle pulled by beard power and whilst wearing roller skates was a car weighing 1046 kg in Jodhpur, India. In2011, Kapil Gehlot managed to pull the vehicle, using only his beard for 68.96 metres and with the added difficulty of wearing roller skates too!

Ever wondered how many minivans you can crush with a tank? Well, somebody has tried it and the record is just two! In 2015 in Georgia, United States, three individuals in one tank managed to crush two minivans. If you think you could do better then why not challenge it!

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Know we might all love our cars very much but this is taking things one step further. There is a world record for the most times someone can kiss a car in 30 seconds. Last October in Melbourne, Australia a car was kissed no less than 73 times in half a minute. That’s a lot of love for one car. If you feel like falling in love with a new car then why think about the benefits of Leicester Vehicle Leasing and visit

The record for the longest time driving round a roundabout (without getting sick) goes to Oran Sands of Indiana, U.S. Using GPS mapping and the MapMyRide buy prednisone online australia app, Oran drove for three hours, 34 minutes and 33.24 seconds and totalled 65 miles round the same roundabout!

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Ever felt like quizzing the staff member at a fast-food drive-thru? Most of the time, we just want our food but Pete Moyer from Illinois thought differently. In April 2012, he asked 70 questions into the intercom at a KFC drive-thru in just one visit. Well done to the patient employee! Maybe he deserves his own world record for most questions answered at a drive-thru!

What is the maximum number of people you can fit into a minivan? Should you ever be asked this question, the answer is that the world record stands at 33 people. In October 2014 in Manitoba, Canada, 33 people managed to squeeze into a minivan. Talk about up close and personal!

If you think you know your cars, then pit your wits against this 3 years old from Germany. Sushanth named 80 car logos in December 2014. Think you could do as well?

Pimp My Ride has got nothing on this one. The world record for the most times winning ‘Best Decorated Car’ award at car shows goes to K.Viswanathan from New Delhi, India. He has won top prize at no less than 11 car shows for his seriously bling-tastic set of wheels.

This world record might make you cringe. The farthest distance a car has been pulled using only a skin piercing! Gerard Jessie of the Philippines managed to pull 2,800 pounds of car for 25 feet using nothing but a rope attached to a skin piercing!

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