How to book a break away on a budget

How to book a break away on a budget

It’s easy to settle into a routine, but life quickly becomes boring without some spontaneity! If you yearn to explore new places or break away from everyday monotony, here’s a guide on how to make exciting and frugal travel plans.

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By travelling impulsively, you’re guaranteed to save money, but you will also need to maintain an open mind when it comes to destinations. When browsing cheap airfares, look for locations with good deals, and research activities and areas to visit. Sometimes driving even an hour out of your hometown can get you out of your rut and provide a change of scenery.

Finding the time

Another difficult factor in going away last minute is making the time. Time can easily hold you back, but there are some solutions. Firstly, let go – maybe only take a weekend break if it is difficult to neglect your work right now. Even a short holiday can be revitalising.
Stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions affect us in the workplace. Taking time out from work can work wonders for our mental health and productivity.

Cheap flights

There are plenty of websites offering quick searches for cheap flights such as Skyscanner, and most recently, Google Flights. However, these tools will only provide basic searches, so for more options, it is better to conduct your own research.

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Try searching using a date range rather than specific locations, and always look on weekday evenings when cheaper flights are released. If you can, stay flexible with locations and dates.

Accommodation and activities

Alternatively, if you aren’t able to fly, find somewhere that you can drive or get the train to. For example, for Birmingham Serviced Apartments is a great choice, with a great example of this type of accommodation. This gives you the advantage of privacy, as well as the benefits of an apartment, such as a kitchen.

Every town and city has something interesting and unique to offer, and exploring can be the best part of travelling. Some of the most authentic and interesting things to do are what the local residents do every day. You may prefer to sit down for a drink at a hidden bar, buy some clothes at the local shops or watch a film at the cinema.

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