10 essential things to keep in mind when traveling by road

10 essential things to keep in mind when traveling by road

The holiday season is here and people are getting ready to take their vehicle and tour the country roads. But beware! There are certain safety measures to have a safe and quiet trip on traveling by road.

Know 10 essential rules that every driver should take into account before traveling by road, below:

traveling by road
Road trip
  • Travel review

Ensuring that the vehicle is in the proper conditions for its handling is an obligation that has a driver with itself. The occupants of the vehicle and with the rest of people that transit in the way. Check the cooling system, brakes, electric, steering, suspension, tires, etc. of your car. At least 15 days before your trip on traveling by road. And, if you are a customer, go through one of the authorized service centers to carry out this complete review.

  • Up-to-date papers

You could face heavy fines if you do not have current vehicle documents such as License, technical-mechanical review, etc. See our best travel tips here.

  • Check the status of the tracks you will be traveling by road

There may be closures, landslides and other mishaps before and during the trip.  Inquire about alternate routes and detours to have a “plan B” in the case of an emergency.

  • Road equipment

Having all the implements required by the Traffic Code for the road equipment is essential not only to avoid a fine but to deal with a traffic accident. Remember that your traveling by road equipment should have: Crossbars, reflective triangles, medicine chest, fire extinguisher, among others.

Travelling by road
Traffic Code
  • Driver’s Preparation

Sleep at least 8 hours prednisone pills online before the trip on traveling by road. In addition, avoid very heavy meals and intoxicating drinks before taking the road. If you do not feel in perfect disposition to drive the vehicle, join it with your companions.

  • If you are traveling with children

Keep in mind that children need special conditions to travel in the car. Children under 12 must ride in the rear of the vehicle with child restraint seats, depending on their age.

  • Check Vehicle

Do a preventive check of the vehicle before starting to drive. Check oil levels, brakes, power steering, coolant, among others.

  • To avoid traffic accidents

It respects the speed limits established on the road, avoids dangerous overruns, preserves braking distances between vehicles, respects traffic signals, avoids distractions and discussions with other passengers, and Traffic jams and delays. It’s for your safety.

traveling by road
traveling by road
  • Use the lights correctly

Although in the USA it is not penalized not to turn on the main lights in the daytime while traveling by road. At night, they are indispensable to avoid accidents and to have a better visibility. Turn on the lights also in the case of rain or fog.

  • Enjoy your traveling by road trip

Part of the fun of the trip is to admire the landscapes, take pictures in the most colorful places, taste the delights of each place, etc. Avoid accelerating then to reach your destination: it is not necessary to work. On the contrary, you can be playing with your life and that of others.

What other tips do you give us to travel by road on this year-end holiday?

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