The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 arrives more powerful, capable and intelligent

The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 arrives more powerful, capable and intelligent

Ford developed the high-performance all-terrain vans segment with the first generation of the F150 Raptor. It was tested on race tracks. The new Ford F150 Raptor 2017 continues to change the legacy of the brand with more power and torque. Its weight is 500 pounds lighter than the previous model due to the use of high strength aluminum alloy and military grade. In addition to having propeller train, transfer box and suspension systems seen on an F150.

Ford F150 Raptor 2017

Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Ford Car: F150 Raptor 2017


The average height of the Raptor increased two inches and custom designed. Fox cushions increased to 3 inches in diameter. The truck has an exclusive set of BFGoodrich tires. It was exactly designed to allow the Raptor to overcome any ground.

Technological improvements in the new Raptor include an innovative Ground Handling System. It switches between two and four wheel drive and AWD modes. Specific engine series calibrations based on the terrain mode selected to optimize show in any driving condition.

Other technological advances are the three modes of management. Availability of the SYNC 3 system and large LED displays in the central tower and instrument panel that are able of monitoring vehicle status. It is providing external visibility through a 360-degree split screen Split-view Display.


It’s new military grade high strength aluminum alloy body in a high strength steel frame with extended suspension height. The high-performance springs and 3-inch Fox racing cushions specially developed for the Raptor provide smoother handling On-road with greater control and off-road ability.

Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Ford Car

Lighter but tougher

The F-150 Raptor is up to 500 lbs. lighter than its predecessor thanks to its lighter-grade military-grade high-strength aluminum body. The high strength steel chassis and strategic use of lightweight materials. The results are a more agile, but stronger chassis.

It is all-new 3.5-liter second-generation high-performance Eco Boost V6 engine. It lets you develop 510 lb.-ft. of torque and 450 horsepower across a wide power band.

  • 76 lb.-ft. More torque (510 lb-ft vs. 434 lb-ft).
  • 39 additional horsepower (450 horsepower vs. 411 horsepower).
  • 23 percent increase in EPA combined fuel economy (16 mpg vs. 13 mpg).
  • The increase of 22 percent in torque-to-weight ratio.


The F150 Raptor 2017 is the most intelligent and technologically advanced Raptor. The advanced SYNC 3 connectivity system, large multi purpose LED displays in the center tower and instrument panels. It displays monitors with vehicle status and exterior visibility extended through of the 360-degree camera system with Split-view Display.

Additional features of its technology include:

Ford F150 Raptor 2017
SYNC 3 technology


Ford’s most advanced passenger connectivity tool is SYNC 3. It enables a voice-activated entertainment and communications system with advanced smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto for better integration and device flexibility.

Multifunctional LED displays

The new 8-inch HMI display on the center tower and multi-functional productivity display located on the dashboard provide drivers with relevant vehicle information. SYNC 3 connectivity including vehicle status monitors, integration to smartphones, navigation and entertainment.

360-degree view camera

The 360-degree split-screen camera allows drivers to have better outside visibility for better off-road narrow road handling. As support in tight areas and when towing. A unique washing system for cleaning the front camera lens is activated with the windscreen wipers.

Auxiliary Overhead Switches

Roof-mounted auxiliary switches are easy to reach and can be configured with add-on equipment. Such as off-road lights or auxiliary compressor.

More capable

Designed by the Ford Performance division, the relief of the Ford F150 Raptor 2017 is agreement with the profile of a desert racing vehicle. In addition to projecting its advanced performance shows new functional elements such as an additional 6-inch width, aggressive posture with the arches on the widened wheels, redesigned front and rear bumpers, allowing better suspension and lateral stability for better handling on off road territory and on regular roads.

The 10-speed automatic transmission, completely new in its segment, offers the right gear at the right time for better application of power and torque, as well as better fuel efficiency.

Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Ford F150 Raptor 2017 Interface

Terrain Management System

The exclusive, patent pending system that allows the driver to choose from six pre-configured modes. Automatically selects two, four (high/low) and all-wheel drive modes. It recalibrates Engine, transmission, braking and stability for optimum performance on all terrain.

Improved aerodynamics

The New Ford F150 Raptor 2017 offers a 5% improvement in aerodynamics compared to the previous model. Thanks to the refined style of the body, upper and lower windows in the grille, optimized geometry of its external components (stirrups, Tow bar linings, sliding plates), bonnet and functional guardrail vents and underbody protection.

Better fuel economy

Thanks to its new high-performance 3.5-liter Eco Boost V6 engine combined with the first mass production of the 10-speed transmission. The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 enjoys improvements in EPA’s three categories of fuel economy estimates: City, Highway and combined. Whereas offering more force at low revs and greater total power.

The estimated fuel economy of the combined EPA categories increased by 23% over the first generation of the Raptor. The EPA estimated fuel economy estimates for the Ford F150 Raptor 2017 at:

  • 15 mpg city.
  • 18 mpg highway.
  • 16 mpg combined.

Other details of the Ford F150 Raptor 2017:


Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Exterior design of F150 Raptor 2017

Exterior design

The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 has an exclusive high strength aluminum and military grade in the design of its body. It includes A rear exhaust system. Letters FORD in daring typography on the front grille and rear door that provides 360 harmonies to the design.

Aerodynamic optimization

The extractors of the front guard. Features LED grille lights and darkened headlights. Outdoor lighting; Redesigned front and rear bumpers that improve steering angles for extreme off-road capability – all this to define Raptor’s unique high-performance design language.

Interior design of F150 Raptor 2017

Internal design

Interior details of the Ford F150 Raptor 2017 include reinforced seats with the embroidered Raptor logo and available leather accents in color. A contoured steering wheel with magnesium shift levers and optional carbon fiber accents give the finishing touches to a spacious and generously spacious interior. And for extreme customers, ceiling mounted auxiliary switches with easy access that can be used to control equipment that is installed later.


Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Chassis of F150 Raptor 2017

Improved FOX Shock Absorbers

Designed jointly by Ford Performance and FOX. The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 has 44% larger FOX dampers with 3-inch (2.5-inch) diameter shock absorbers and 9-stage bypass damping for better suspension control. In addition to integrated hydraulic check valves minimize the possibility of bottoming on rough terrain and improving overall heat dissipation.

Exclusive tires and off-road rims

The Ford F150 Raptor 2017 comes with second generation BF Goodrich KO2 tires designed exclusively for the Raptor’s extended off-road capabilities. Ford Performance mounted them on 17-inch alloy forged alloy with heel lock for maximum traction and off-road durability


New engine features include:

Ford F150 Raptor 2017
Motor of F150 Raptor 2017

HO Performance

Includes oil injectors to cool the pistons. The twin turbochargers of greater power allow an increase of 85 horsepower and 50 lo-fi of torque more than the standard 3.5-liter EcoBoost F-150 engine.

Dual Fuel Injection

The new port and direct fuel injection system are based on the power, efficiency and clean emissions that provide a dual fuel strategy, leaving behind many disadvantages (e.g. direct gasoline injection (GDI) on cold start).

New lower end structure

Includes crankshaft and bearing upgrades, plus a two-piece oil reservoir to improve strength, performance and best NVH.

New Valve Train

A new lightweight cam design and dual chain cam unit saves weight and reduces friction loss

New turbo design

Includes an innovative electric discharge valve for more precise impulse control

Dual exhaust system

Designed from scratch to ensure the maximum power of the Raptor’s high-performance Eco Boost V6 engine and tuned to deliver a brand-new unique sound quality.


  • 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • High-speed unidirectional clutch – Improves navigation, allows low-speed non-sequential changes.
  • Trailer / Trailer Mode – Reprogram shift points, add engine braking.
  • Ford patented hydraulic controls – Improve shift performance and overall flexibility.
  • High-efficiency filtration Gen II – Improves system cleaning for longer life, eliminates frequent liquid change requirements.
  • Adaptive learning mode – Improves the change/driving system
  • Gear Shifters – Shifter gears mounted on magnesium wheels for quick changes up and down when using the manual shift mode.
F150 Raptor 2017
Transmission of F150 Raptor 2017

Transfer case

The all-new, advanced TORQUE-ON-DEMAND four-wheel drive transfer box with Terrain Management System automatically manages power and torque distribution where it provides the best traction and optimizes driving performance.

Terrain Management System modes include:

Normal – Uses 2H for normal daily driving with optimum fuel efficiency

Weather – Full-traction adjustment (AWD) ideal for inclement weather, while the throttle response and AdvanceTrac are optimized for reduced traction.

Sludge and sand – 4H blocked through the transfer case to increase traction on deep, loose surfaces such as mud and sand. The rear differential locks automatically.

Low – 4H with transfer case locked with unique transmission shifting program and engine controls using anti-lag technology for maximum performance and quick response.

Rock Crawl – 4L with rear differential lock, while using additional gear reduction (2.64: 1 ratio) to provide a 50: 1 drag ratio for better capacity with better powertrain response.

AWD / 4WD Combination – The first transfer case of its type automatically fuses the all-wheel drive and all-wheel drive capabilities. So, the Ford F150 Raptor 2017 can handle any road and off-road driving situation. It has a torque-on-demand clutch system that can automatically apply torque between the front and rear wheels. It also has a real mechanical lock for 4 × 4 High and 4 × 4 Low, combining the best of both worlds.

Driving Modes

For personalized driving response, the Raptor’s adjustable electric power-assisted steering offers 3 modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort.

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