Isotretinoin and Acne Health: Straight to the point, but with caution

Isotretinoin and Acne Health: Straight to the point, but with caution

The desire to see a perfect face is leading many young people to simple acne to take isotretinoin. A medicine kept for cases in which the specialist considers it fit, due to its side effects.


Under prescription by a dermatologist and strict medical control is how in theory. According to drug controls in the USA, users can access isotretinoin. However, the wave of demand for this drug is leading to it is selling in many pharmacies and even on the Internet, without a prescription. Isotretinoin is a retinoid medicine derived from vitamin A. Indicated mainly in the treatment of severe acne or other types of acne. When the dermatologist considers it necessary.

Experience with Isotretinoin

To begin this treatment, hematological, hepatic, pregnancy and lipid tests must be performed first and obligatorily. In patients with a history of depression or psychiatric disorders, an evaluation by a specialist is necessary to accompany the treatment in case of any significant changes. In addition, the patient must sign a consent in which he accepts to have understood the risks and agrees to follow the indications to avoid them.

Related Hazards

This medication is contraindicated in pregnant women because there is a very high risk of causing miscarriages or serious birth defects in the baby. Buy Accutane (Isotretinoin) online from official website Especially skeletal, central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. In addition to facial defects and visual and optical abnormalities.

Isotretinoin Tablet

By law

Women of reproductive age in the United States who are taking this medication should have a double contraceptive system. In addition, there has created a special buy prednisolone online uk program in which patients have to register and by which the medical formula, prescribed by a specialist attached to the program. It is issued exclusively, which must be visited monthly in order to obtain a new prescription and check the status of the patient. As well as the side effects you may be feeling. In the USA, there are similar demands, but sometimes they are not complying with.

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During treatment

It is not allowing to donate blood and even after is suspending. A minimum of one month should be allowed to do so. The contraceptive method should maintain for up to two months after it has completed.

Among other risks

Such as the metabolic, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal problems that can be caused by isotretinoin. It is important that the family is monitoring the patient’s behavior. As this medicine – in some cases – can alter the mood. If you notice any changes, consult the specialist immediately.

If the patient takes other medicines. He should inform the dermatologist to avoid possible adverse reactions.

pseudotumor cerebri
pseudotumor cerebri

Special cares

During the period that the medication is taking the patient should periodically perform liver, lipid and pregnancy tests. Ideally every month. Misuse of alcohol is very bad because of its negative effect on the liver. Isotretinoin is the main reason for this problem.

Because of the similarity with the vitamin A that has the medicine, the users must use sun block and avoid the ingestion of this vitamin. It should not be used in conjunction with tetracyclines because there is a risk of a pseudotumor cerebri.

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