How to Improve Bounce Rates on Your Website

How to Improve Bounce Rates on Your Website

Whether your website is for your hobby or your business, the one thing it needs is visitors. People have to be able to find your website and then like what they see enough to stick around for a while. It is this length of time, or ‘bounce rate’ that determines whether people are just clicking through or staying to read the content. If you are looking to increase your bounce rate, then here are a few tips.

Keep it Simple

When visitors come to your site, they are usually intrigued by what’s on offer. It might be that they have been drawn by a Twitter link, or perhaps your site came up on a search engine. Whatever way they came across your site, you need to be captured by the design and the look of the site. Sometimes, you can be so eager to give your visitors everything they want, that you clutter up the pages too much. By doing this, you can, in fact, chase away your visitors more than encourage them to stay. A page that has too much information will confuse and annoy some visitors, so try to keep things clean and crisp.

Show Them What They Came For

Rather than giving your visitors lots of unnecessary pictures or information, try telling them about what they came to see. For example, if you sell shoes, then show them your latest designs and where to buy them. Although there may be people that want to browse your site, the vast majority will just want to see the shoes, buy them and go as soon as possible. It won’t be that they don’t like your site, it’s only that people have much less time to spend than they used to. It makes buying things online a much easier and quicker option for many people.

Tell People About Your Products

You might think that this is an obvious one, but if you don’t do enough to tell people what you do, then you will only attract visitors who come across your site by accident. These visitors might not want what you are selling, so your bounce rate will be high. If you can attract visitors that want to see your products, then this will encourage them to stay and look around. To get people to notice your site, post regularly on Twitter and the other social media sites and develop a following from your customers.

Be Quirky

Even though you want to keep your site clean and crisp, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use great design and innovative use of colors and menus to give your site something different. You can use tools such as the Rage Comic Maker App to create interesting pieces to get your customers attention.

If you can add some or all of these ideas to your website, then you can quickly start to increase your visitor numbers and make your bounce rate better. You will then be on target to get more sales.

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