7 Incredible Ways of Spicing up A Relationship

7 Incredible Ways of Spicing up A Relationship

A relationship is a strong, deep or close association between two or more people. It can either be by blood or by marriage. There are many types of relationships but for the purpose of this discussion, we shall look at the intimate relationship. Below are ways in which you can spice your relationship.

  1. Create Secret Together

A couple can share top secrets which heighten sexual chemistry. For example, you can decide to sneak for hours into a perk or to an isolated place for a heavy make-out session and then join your friends or colleagues later. This can make a relationship very exciting.

  1. Retell the Story of your First Date

Revisiting the incidences that occurred during your first meeting helps in rekindling your love. It makes you feel like you are dating afresh hence spicing up your relationship. Calling your partner by his real name at times looks too official and does not sound romantic. Use Cool Nicknames For Guys and make them feel loved.

  1. Cooking Something Extravagant

Falling into a boring routine is a very dangerous thing because it is a sign of falling out of lust. It is very common for couples to eat at the same restaurant, cook the same meal over and over again, order same take away food etc. To really get out of this boring routine you need to cook an extravagant meal together. This will make you spend a lot of your time together in the kitchen hence enjoying every bit of your love.

  1. Make a Public Declaration of your Love

Bringing up a relationship in the open makes the other party feel loved and appreciated and it plays a great role in spicing up your relationship. A public declaration can be done by delivering flowers, cake or any gift to the office either during birthday or during valentine. You can also simply embrace them in public.

  1. Go for a Vacation Together

Vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting. You can take leave together and plan for a trip away from home for a few days and have fun. This will spice up your relationship by spending much of your time together.

  1. Taking Separate Vacation

It is believed that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Instead of taking a vacation together, each one of you can have his or her own vacation with friends. A little distance will make you miss your partner and you should take advantage of the situation by sending romantic messages and reminding her of fun moments that you have always shared together.

  1. Share new Hobbies Together

You can identify a hobby that fits both of you, for example, start swimming together, jogging together, do press-ups together etc. It makes you playful and draws you closer to each other.

There is nothing wrong in complementing your partner. Tell them how beautiful they are and that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. Spicing a relationship is very important since it rekindles the first love and helps to salvage falling out of lust and boredom that comes due to getting used to each other.

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