Your Man’s Birthday Is Coming Up? – 3 Tips How to Make It Unforgettable!

Your Man’s Birthday Is Coming Up? – 3 Tips How to Make It Unforgettable!

One week before your man’s big day and you have no idea what to do? Roll up your sleeves because you’re about to get great ideas!

Is a Party Always the Best Solution?

No. Definitely not. Not all men like parties, and especially surprise parties (which was probably your first thought, right?). You know your man best. If he’s into the whole party mood period in his life, then yes, the surprise party would be the best solution. But if he’s more of a stay-at-home, grab-a-beer guy, then there are always other things you could do to make him happy.

Then What Should You Do?

You cannot plan anything without the golden list: a list of the things he needs at the moment. These can vary from a puppy to a mobile phone, so make sure you make a list of everything he needs. Then add things to the list that he wants. “Needs” and “wants” are entirely different things. It is one thing to buy him a phone because his current one is broken and it is a totally different thing to buy him a phone because he wants the latest version. See what I mean? So, make a list of things he wants. He may want a thing as luxurious as a yacht or as a simple going to a casino with the boys. Of course, the yacht thing is impossible, but buying him a voucher on is as easy as pie. Just make sure you put more money on his voucher than he is used to spending.

Now that you have your list, it’s time to ask the wallet what’s affordable. Managing your budget is essential. Before you jump into conclusion that you’ve made your choice, remember that you also need to buy wine/beer, cake, and food. So, make sure you put money aside for that as well. So this is when you make your final choice: which one is more affordable and most necessary at the moment? You already know the right answer and I’m sure it’s the right decision. After all, he’s your man and you know what’s good for him.

The Day Is Here: How to Proceed?

Start it off with a little cuddle, a nice cup of coffee and a birthday toast. That would keep him off track and leave you plenty of time to prepare everything. Now, make him leave the house in a subtle way and start preparing the table. Decorate nicely. Pour the wine. Make sure you keep the present close. Hug him at the door and enjoy the rest of the day together!

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