Sea salt and sludge – Thalassotherapy to be practiced at home

Sea salt and sludge – Thalassotherapy to be practiced at home

Many people aspire to get away from the stress of everyday life, but there is always a chance to find the right occasion to do so. The wellness to practice at home is for many an essential aspect because the family and professional life leaves no time to even enjoy a weekend trip.

The thalassotherapy well suited to domestic practice, therefore, at home, in your bathroom. Its features are sea water, sludge and sea salt treatments, best if combined with the sun. Thanks to high quality products that meet the needs of thalassotherapy treatments, you can take your own small balneotherapy or a short wellness holiday directly at home on weekends. The used cosmetics that contain the treasures offered by the sea can be purchased without major problems at the pharmacy. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Prepare your own private oasis of well-being

First of all, in the preparation phase of thalassotherapeutic wellness treatments, it is necessary to buy suitable products. Sea salts are offered by different companies, both in their pure form and with the addition of other ingredients, ranging from oils to fragrances. Even gel-shower and body lotions, with or without seaweed, containing sea salts and other beneficial elements for the body, are ideal. You can also perform a thalassotherapy face treatment, in which case the salts and the mineral minerals provide a light but effective exfoliating effect.

Once you get all the products you need to undergo a thalassotherapy treatment at home, it’s time to prepare the bath. This should of course be cozy and comfortable, especially when it is cold outside and the first autumn winds shake the window windows. Therefore, set up a proper heating and place in front of you all the objects necessary for the treatment. With a pair of beautiful candles and a fragrant oil light, you can create the right atmosphere. Do not forget to bring your towel and comfortable clothing in your bathroom. It will be even better if during your private thalassotherapy session, you will not be in any way disturbed or you do not have the necessity, for any reason, to get away from the bathroom. Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.

Deliciously scented bath water and a rich body lotion

Water in your bathtub should be at a temperature of 37°C, so that it is more conformable to body temperature, allowing you to absorb the precious elements better. It is important not to stay in the water for more than 20 minutes, as a longer stay may be stressful to your bloodstream or make you feel tired. Fundamental is when you are immersed in seawater, do not use any other toiletries, soap or anything else. In this case, it is the pure force of marine minerals that have to act. After the bath, you can take a warm shower and then cover with fluffy and thick towels. If you wish, you can do facial treatment at this point with the products you choose. Take advantage of the best time for your cover to apply a generous amount of nutritive body lotion.

You can achieve an even more effective effect by mixing brown powdered algae powder with a thick dough, and then apply the cream obtained on the body. In fact, there are many minerals that not only purify, but also smooth and smooth the skin. If you do not want to apply this product to your entire body, just treat the décolleté, breast and areas for you of particular interest. The application of lime-wrapped bands can be very useful not only in inflammation and swelling of the joints, but also as a true mud mask for the face. In any case, for those suffering from small pimples, the sea healing mud is the right solution. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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