5 marquee decoration tips from the pros

5 marquee decoration tips from the pros

Marquees are a wonderful addition to any event. Not only do they give more room for guests to move around whilst protected from the elements, but they can be decorated to look particularly wonderful, with only a little effort and imagination.

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Think ceiling

Marquee ceilings can be very high and plain, so making a concerted effort to create interesting decoration overhead can completely alter the feel of the place. A wedding reception may want more of a feeling of intimacy, for example, so low hanging lampshades or draped fabric can have the effect of lowering the ceiling and making the place feel more cosy.

Grand designs

Another way to get the effect of a lowered ceiling is to go tall with floor decorations. Large, freestanding vases with dramatic, tall foliage can be very striking and can make the countryside come inside, whether you are dealing with marquee hire in Kent, the garden of England, or in a more urban environment.

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Getting the lighting right in a marquee is essential. Do you want a calm and romantic feel? If so, dimmer switches for main lights are a must. Fairy order prednisone 20mg lights draped around the whole area can make it seem almost ethereal and will definitely add atmosphere to the occasion. Be very careful if you consider using candles, as there are health and safety issues regarding naked flames and tents.


Always popular at special occasions, bunting comes in all shapes and sizes, from shop-bought festive decorations to handmade, personalised decor. Some marquee hire companies are happy to provide decoration, but in other instances, you’ll have to source your own.

Chilling out

It’s always good to provide your guests with an informal area in which to relax. Companies such as 2intents can provide marquees of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect sized marquee for your needs, whether you want a larger marquee with a variety of comfy sofas and chairs or you are keen to have a Bedouin experience with drapes and soft cushions.

Spend a little time doing research and finding out what your options are and you can turn a plain marquee into a veritable wonderland that will live on in the memories of your guests for years to come.

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