Seven incredible Italian dishes

Seven incredible Italian dishes

It is hard to find someone who does not like Italian food. From pasta dishes to meat, fish and grilled vegetables, there is something for everyone, but have you tried these Italian dishes?

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1. Candele and ziti

Spaghetti, penne and fusilli have been supermarket staples for the last 40 years; however, regional traditional pasta types such as candele and ziti are much more suitable for sauce lovers. With thick pasta bodies and hollow shapes, these pasta types are extra succulent.

2. Guanciale

Guanciale is the little specks of bacon found in ‘real’ carbonara. This meat, which comes from the jowl or cheek of the pig, is cured to bring the fat to the surface. If you have always had bacon on your carbonara, now is the time to look for a Dublin Italian restaurant that makes it the traditional way.

3. Nduja sausage

This is a spicy sausage pate traditionally mixed into pasta sauces for a strong flavour; however, many restaurants are now spreading it directly on bread for a great meaty alternative to cream cheese.

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4. Polpette

Polpette balls are traditional meatballs that can be eaten with everything. They can be enjoyed in pasta, buy prednisone for asthma with rice, or in an Italian meatball sandwich; however, restaurants such as tend to serve them in the traditional way, which is in a creamy tomato sauce over spaghetti.

5. Arancini and spaghetti cakes

Arancini balls are fried rice balls traditionally filled with a meaty ragu; however, they can also be found with a mozzarella filling. Spaghetti cakes have a similar twist, with crispy spaghetti on the outside and tomato sauce in the middle. Both are great for on-the-go Italian snacking.

6. Sourdough pizza

Many people think sourdough pizza is a new thing, but it’s not. It dates back to the classical days of Naples and is currently making a comeback. Sourdough is much lighter than the usual dough, which makes it lower in calories and easier to digest.

7. Smoked peppers, tomatoes and cheeses

These are more ingredients than a complete dish, but they can escape many would-be Italian chefs. Smoked peppers, tomatoes and cheeses are traditional Italian ingredients that can be added to sauces to really add zing.

With so many wonderful dishes, it is time to be more adventurous with Italian food.

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