What is the main difference between left and right twix?

What is the main difference between left and right twix?

Left twix is a chocolate bar that comes in a variety of flavors. One of the most popular varieties is red velvet. It’s made with red food coloring and cream cheese frosting, which gives it its characteristic reddish color. The company Twix came up with the idea for the twix after trying to create a more interesting flavor for the chocolate bars.

One of the oldest cookies, Twix is a chocolate sandwich cookie with a crisp wafer on top. It was created in the 1950s by Rowntree’s in the UK. The candy has two fingers on one side and one finger on the other side to represent its name – twix (two twix).

difference between left and right twix

The difference between left and right twix

The left (red) twix is made with a milk chocolate cookie, toffee-coated caramel and whipped cream filling. The right (milk white) twix has the same ingredients but in place of the whip cream filling it contains purple sugar crystals for an even more delicious look.

Left twix features

The left twix features different flavors on each side of the cookie. On one side are milk chocolate, vanilla crisp wafer and toffee-coated caramel cream center with caramel covering.

On the other hand, it has a red velvet cookie in place of the white chocolate on top; tobacco bittersweet crunch wafers coated in peppermint oil for an aromatic appeal; white delicious apple pieces sitting upon milk rice crispy rice filling dipped in light chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powders; caramel-filled twix pieces coated in white chocolate.

Right twix features

The right (Milk White) Twix features the same ingredients as its lefty counterpart but presents them all one way: it uses whipped cream instead of a filling and comes topped off with a layer of fluff tossed in icing sugar. Wholesome brownies join ground almonds, sugar colored like those found on nature’s palette.

Similarities between left and right twix

Left and right twix are both chocolate treats made of milk, a wafer topped with caramel coating.

In terms of ingredients, the two snacks only differ in how they’re presented but both offer crème fillings: either whipped cream or toffee- coated candy center. Taste wise it is nearly impossible to differentiate between left and right Twix as there is no discernible difference between its flavors on different sides. Left Twix has chocolate and caramel and right Twix has nougat-flavored cream, white chocolate, rice crispy rice bits and apple. Furthermore, both have center fillings that are as similar to one another as there is any difference between them such as the different types of the wafer for each snack. However, it should also be mentioned that what does differ in their ingredients from other snacks on Kitkat Org is their method of display: left Marker even has the candy bars made in two layers to separate its flavors.

Which one is better: left or right twix?

Left and right Twix are identical in taste, indistinguishable from one another. As such, the only option here is to go with whichever can be obtained for less – provided of course that similar items exist on the side. Which does not make much difference since both varieties are equally tasty.

Left and right Twix is plagued by the same issue: sticker-based presentation, that being said it is difficult to differentiate between their packages.  This means whether you really have any reason to pick one over another also depends on what brand of food packaging is preferred among consumers. In fact, if they had brought two designs of wrapper back then, maybe everyone would be talking about how much better each design was at getting buyers – though those claims would be moot when they are identical to one another. As such, it may all come down to personal preference again: if you prefer American (left) design, then, by all means, go for Twix left; If on the other hand, you like more European alternative (right), then get right Marker’s version.


Difference between left and right twix. Left and right twix are two different varieties of Twix, which is a type of chocolate bar. The two types differ in the amount of caramel they contain.

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