Ideas to create mermaid candy table decorations

Ideas to create mermaid candy table decorations

The week is over, but our ideas always remain. That’s why today we bring you the best options to put together an incredible mermaid candy table decoration, perfect for the birthday of the smallest in the home. Don’t worry if your forte is not decorating. We will present you with the most basic and important tips so that in this way you can develop new agility.

In this article, we will show you the various ways to create a theme party, the latest in children’s birthday decorations and of course, we will dive into the search for new methods to decorate tables. In the same way, we will take care of teaching you the most striking decoration styles, where we will describe their composition and the steps to follow to achieve a similar look.

Desserts to accompany mermaid candy table decoration

It is no secret to anyone that candy tables will always be the center of attraction, both for children and adults, although there are also other decorative elements that cannot be missing in the decoration; however, this is considered the main one. The choice of treats is a fundamental step, for that it is necessary to consult with who will be the host of the celebration, and depending on their tastes, you will start with the selection.

On this occasion, we present you as an alternative, some succulent cupcakes. Let’s just say that they are easy and quick to make, apart from being extremely delicious. Muffins also fall into the category. Just they don’t carry the same excitement in every bite. As you can see, this delicious dessert is covered with two layers of buttercream in shades of blue, one lighter than the other. The last touch is a rain of rainbows, accompanied by a mermaid tail made with fondant since it is essential to add a detail related to the theme.

Desserts for decoration mermaid candy table

Another fantastic dessert option for mermaid-style tables is to incorporate some delicious and creative cookies, obviously alluding to the theme. This is a very simple alternative that you can take into account to elaborate. The most important thing is to have a lot of imagination when decorating to create unique details, and it can be said that this is a very clear example.

There are a variety of cookies which you can take into account to make, such as chocolate chip, festival, cinnamon, marbled, pure chocolate, sandwich and obviously the original vanilla. In the photograph, we show you several vanilla cookies but with a special and quite marine touch. They are filled with a consistent buttercream, pigmented in lilac. Its design refers to seashells, so we can see two cookies joined with a space in the center where the cream is incorporated and a pearl made in fondant.

Mermaid candy table decoration with balloonsMermaid candy table decoration with balloons

The balloons. They are that perfect complement in children’s parties and why not also in mermaid-themed decorations. There are many ways to make balloon arrangements, some more extravagant than others.

In this fantastic decoration, we come across an extremely attractive arrangement of balloons located at one end of the table. It has the shape of a mermaid tail, made with pumps of metallic colors. For this type of arrangement, it is necessary that you request the help of an expert due to its complex structure.

Mermaid candy table decoration with balloon arrangements

We have reached the end of this marine tour. To complete this entry, we will show you another mermaid candy table decoration. If you plan to set up a candy table in your home, it is best to select a large space where you can incorporate the accessories and everything looks incomplete order without any crowding. In this image, we show you an arrangement similar to the previous one. The only visible difference is the colors, which vary between aqua green, lilac and violet.

Remember to be creative at all times. To enter the world of decoration is all you need. Our content is renewed daily, so we are waiting for you with more every day.

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