Post Malone Net Worth: How Much Is The Rapper Worth?

Post Malone Net Worth: How Much Is The Rapper Worth?

Post Malone is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He was born on January 27, 1995, in St. Louis, Missouri. As a young boy, he went to his uncle’s studio, where he started writing songs on his own. In high school, he discovered hip hop and began rapping. During the summer of 2012, Post Malone joined the hip hop group Young Money Entertainment as a solo artist.

Post Malone net worth

Post Malone’s net worth is 45 million dollars. His income source is music career. Post Malone has sold over 4 million copies of his album Stoney and he’s currently working on a new project called Beerbongs & Bentleys, which was released in 2017.

Post Malone Net Worth

Post Malone early career

Post Malone started his career as a music and rap industry veteran in 2012. He joined the group “Young Money Entertainment,” where he released one of his first mixtapes, which has around 30 tracks. In 2013 Post decided to perform solo on stage at The Delmar St Jazz Cafe in Jackson Heights and showed off all of his talents, along with that night came up YouTube hits like ‘White Iverson’ (2013), ‘Congratulations’ (2013), ‘Rockstar’ (2014). In 2014, Post Malone released an album called Stoney through the Young Money record company.

Post Malone active stage career

Just after his debut on the stoned project, he was getting a lot of attention in terms of social media and it is impossible to say how many people knew him due to this way; according to some sources, he had millions of followers by January 2016 – but only later! That year came up with a new stage name, which was one of his favorite food – Bangers and Mash.

Post Malone signed to Republic Records in January 2016. For example, he worked on three collaborations for Drake’s “Views” album as a part-time job: “Purple Lamborghini” (with Quavo), “Plans Pros’Fessals” (Drake) and “Motorsport” (with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz). Another Post Malone influence – he wrote a song on the parent album of Bonding Mia, that was titled ‘Pilots’ Lover Boy,’ which is dedicated to “the most important person in my life,” who happened to be his brother.

As it turns out, now Post Malone makes millions. ̴{Post Malone} is all right. He was investing more and more, bought a sports car BMW M5 in 2013 ($599000) when magazines like XXL named him the best new artist of 2015 Artbeat performance rankings at # 1. In 2016 he also got into venture capital from rapper Rick Ross as an investor.
In addition to money earned through his solo career, Post Malone has collaborated with other artists for their records, such as 21 Savage, who collaborated on the song “Rockstar” with Ty Dolla Sign, crediting Posty as a writer – and Travis Scott, whose single “Goosebumps” includes him.

How many albums has Post Malone released already?

As of 2018, 7 overall: ̴{Post Malone} (2015), Stoney (2014), Too Far Gone (2017; featuring future bass artists – 21 Savage & Lotto Boyz), Beerbongs & Bentleys (2017), Thank Me Later(2013 ), etc.

Interesting Facts About Post Malone

Post Malone Net Worth

Here are some interesting facts about Post Malone:

In 2015, he and singer-songwriter Julia Michaels wrote a song together in the studio: “All The Money” (originally titled “Figure It Out”). And the nicest way of telling this is that although their mind had different impressions about what to take off his computer, Post Malone kept it for himself. ̴{Post Malone} and wife – Malaya Sayler, both graduates at Cleveland State University anthropology, presented their album, Stoney. There is a lot of evidence to indicate that in Real Life Post, Malone’s parents are not divorced, but he grew up around both the mother and father.

After graduating from high school at 14 years old, Post Malone set off for Los Angeles without telling his mother – or even hinting about it backstage during the tour in addition to performing on Songs All About You Tour as an opening act himself.

Since the middle of January 2013, he has been making homemade songs that became popular on the Internet by themselves – then developed until as an album.

As a result of many remixing, some fans took it to move him around streams, so he decided to release his first studio album under the name Post Malone, which was released in May 2015 at the time titled Stoney – and immediately sold more than one million copies worldwide.

The official title discography includes seven studio albums, eleven mixtapes and 100 million records sold.


As you see, Post Malone keeps numerous awards, but he is always nominated for the best songwriters. In 2012-2013, as a resident of California, all year he in his hometown was conceived 3 record albums (3 times). ̴ “His music has been consumed millions and millions. “To use an analogy – late guitarists are similar to great writers like William Shakespeare or Mozart.


Post Malone has a family and he talks about it. Malaya is the protagonist of the documentary « The Happiness,» which attracted much interest in Nashville, one actress winning an Oscar for this work – Reese Witherspoon. ̴ “Your music could be better if you lived with your father.”

Post also says that when his parents divorced nine years ago, children were sent to travel around everywhere their mother’s ex-husband. Then, they flew to Australia, American Samoa, and New Zealand.

It would seem that the poor man is often troubled by his own life. ̴ “I’m very lucky in my family. “He has a wife Abbey (who loves him so much) with whom he lives happily for five years now and two sons: Maci McKim (son of the daughter Cohen Belen), who was adopted from Gabon con 35 years. And Levon, born in 18 months, daughter Nova Belenwood.


This is a great article that describes the work of Post Malone. It also tells about his education, family and personal life. I highly recommend you to read this post because it gives us some good insight into him and what makes him who he is today.

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